By Lazydays

These RV tire maintenance tips can help keep you and your family safe on the road.

RV tire blowouts can be incredibly dangerous. Not only can they cause costly damage to the body of your RV and the components that are located in the compartment areas, but they can cause serious accidents. These RV tire maintenance tips can help keep you and your family safe on the road.

Check RV Tire Pressure Before Every Trip

Maintaining the manufacturer recommended tire pressure for front and back tires can prevent damage and maximize your RV fuel mileage. Before every trip, you should be sure to fill your tires to the proper pressure. Purchasing a tire pressure monitoring system is a great RV safety measure, as it will alert you anytime the tires reach a dangerous level. Another option would be to use Nitrogen in your RV tires.  Nitrogen helps maintain moisture and tire pressure during increased temperatures from heavier loads, which can prevent rim corrosion.

Distribute Weight Evenly

It can be easy to overlook weight limits and distribution in your RV, but this mistake can create the potential for tire blowouts. Try to ensure that you’re always under the weight limit of your motorhome or towable, and always try to store items in a way that doesn’t put any additional strain on either side of the RV. That way, your tires won’t begin to wear unevenly.

Rotate RV Tires Regularly

Tire rotation service is recommended every 12 months. This process includes removing and rotating the tires, inspecting tread depths and tire tread, and adjusting tire pressure. By rotating the RV tires regularly, you can prevent feathering and reduce the possibility of blowouts.

Use RV Wheel Covers During Storage

Whenever your RV is in storage, you’ll want to be sure to use RV tire covers. While this important step in the RV storage process is often overlooked, using RV tire covers can prevent UV radiation damage whereby extending the life of your tires. Plus, the cover relieves pressure and prevents water and oil from damaging the tire’s exterior.

Drive Cautiously

Anyone with a driver’s license is capable of driving an RV, but enrolling in the Lazydays RV Driver Confidence Course can help you become more skilled and comfortable behind the wheel. Remember, any time you curb your RV when you misjudge a turn, you can cause damage to your RV tires. You’ll also want to be especially vigilant about not running over any potentially damaging objects in the road or at RV campground sites.

RVs are a big investment, and you’ll benefit greatly by following proper routine maintenance recommendations set forth by manufacturers. Lazydays RV is home to the nation’s largest RV service center, and our service centers in Florida, Arizona, Colorado and Minnesota are staffed by RV technicians who average 14+ years of experience working on RVs.  Check out our RV lifestyle blog for even more service tips, including RV tips for maintaining your RV battery. You can also schedule your next RV service appointment online.