By Lazydays

Driving an RV doesn't have to be stressful! Learn driving tips from the RV experts at Lazydays.

If you’re buying a motorhome for the first time, you may be wondering how to drive an RV. For many, driving a motorhome can be a bit intimidating at first, which is why we offer our RV Driver Confidence Course as part of our Experience More package. With every RV purchase, buyers are eligible for several perks, like up to 260 nights of free camping, a KOA Reward Value Kard, a mattress upgrade, RV seminars and more!

Our Driver Confidence Course is available at our RV dealership in Tampa, Florida. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or new to the RV lifestyle, the course covers basic RV driving techniques as well as special driving tips that are useful for every level of experience. The course is split into two parts, a two-hour classroom session and a two-hour group driving session, both of which cover practical tips and techniques for handling your motorhome on the road.

Watch this video to learn more:

In addition to our RV Driver Confidence Course, Lazydays features plenty of other RV seminars that are available throughout the year. Choose from courses like “Towable RV Basics,” “RV Maintenance,” “Convection Oven & Induction Cooktop,” “Solar Power for Your RV,” “Trip Planning” and more! You can also subscribe to our RV lifestyle blog for sales information, road trip ideas, maintenance tips and special insight into the RV camping lifestyle.

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