RV Extended Warranty & Service Plans

Worry-Free RVing Begins with Extended RV Service Plans & Warranties

Your home on wheels deserves effective coverage and protection plans to keep things running. Many RVers purchase RV insurance, but just as with traditional homeowners insurance, there are some things that RVers may want additional coverage or support for beyond their insurance policy. This is where RV extended warranty plans and service plans can come in. If you’re looking to fully protect your investment, our RV and motorhome extended service plans and warranties can bring peace of mind.

What is an RV Extended Warranty?

An RV extended warranty is an additional optional coverage plan that you can purchase to protect specific components of your recreational vehicle or motorhome. This coverage is often used for elements such as your RV’s tires, mechanical components, or engine and chassis components for a motorhome.

With an extended RV warranty, the components you’ve purchased additional coverage for will be repaired as needed at no additional cost to you. For example, if you’ve purchased a plan that covers your tires and wheels and you get a flat tire while RVing, replacing the tire would be covered by the policy and you wouldn’t need to pay the repair shop.

The exact items covered in your RV extended warranty, protection plan, or extended service plan will vary depending on the plan type you select. Our RV experts can help you choose the right supplementary coverage for your motorhome or RV.

Do I Need an RV Warranty or Protection Plan?

RV service plans and warranties are generally not required, but many RVers choose this additional coverage for enhanced peace of mind. RVs and motorhomes are complex vehicles that are often thought of as homes on wheels. There are many elements to keep running smoothly, and a motorhome protection plan or RV warranty can help keep everything at its best. These plans can help reduce any upkeep or repair costs. Our RV service department can work with many types of RV protection plans, warranties, and coverage agreements.

Types of RV Extended Warranty Plans and Protections

If you’re ready to protect your motorhome or towable recreational vehicle, we invite you to explore our warranties and protection plans. Contact us today to sign up for the right coverage for your RV!