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Specialized RV Insurance Coverage Options

Total Loss Replacement (TLR)

Also known as Replacement Cost Coverage, TLR motorhome insurance reimburses the entire replacement if your trailer or motorized RV is totaled. This type of RV insurance coverage is only available for units that are less than two years old when the policy is written. If the damage occurs within the first five model years, TLR motorhome insurance will typically replace the RV with a brand new vehicle. After the sixth model year of most motorhomes, insurance companies will usually convert the TLR policy to a Purchase Price Guarantee or Actual Cash Value policy.

Actual Cash Value (ACV)

ACV is the most common type of recreational vehicle insurance policy. In the event of the total loss of your motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer, insurance companies will pay the depreciated fair-market value for your RV

Full-Timer Coverage (FTC)

Similar to a traditional homeowner’s policy, full-timer’s liability coverage includes personal liability as well as additional living expenses. An FTC RV insurance policy provides protection for accidents and addresses the unique needs of full-time RVers.

Personal Contents Replacement Coverage

This RV insurance coverage protects personal property such as housewares, clothes, tools and sporting goods. It provides full replacement cost for items that are stolen or damaged, whether the vehicle is parked, stored or in transit.

Agreed Value Coverage

This type of RV insurance is available for classic coaches and bus or van conversion vehicles that don’t have a standard market value. You’ll need a bill of sale or qualified appraisal to lock in your motorhome’s value.

Emergency Travel Expense Coverage

If your RV is incapacitated due to a covered loss, most recreational vehicle insurance policies cover the cost of a rental car and/or hotel room while your RV is being repaired.

Purchase Price Guarantee (PPG)

In the event of a total loss, a PPG motor home insurance policy will reimburse your purchase price. This type of recreational vehicle insurance covers RVs that are more than two years old, and requires documentation of your original purchase price. Some motor home insurance companies extend this policy for the life of the RV, while others offer PPG coverage for the first 10 model years and then convert to an Actual Cash Value policy.

Vacation Liability

This type of recreational vehicle insurance covers slip and fall injuries while your RV is parked. If someone is injured at your campsite, your liability exposure will be covered up to the specified policy limits.

Diminishing Deductible Coverage

This type of motor home insurance coverage rewards good drivers. Your original comprehensive and collision deductibles will be reduced by 25% for each claim-free year. If a loss occurs after the fourth year, you pay no deductible.

Add-On and Tow Dolly Coverage

Most recreational vehicle insurance policies automatically cover items like awnings, antennas, external racks and satellite dishes at no extra charge. Tow dollies and trailers are often covered, as well.

Roadside Assistance

Most motorhome insurance policies include 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. Your RV will be towed to the nearest qualified repair facility, regardless of cost. These policies may also extend to tow or towed vehicles used in conjunction with the RV.

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