By Lazydays

Follow these fuel efficiency tips from the RV service experts at Lazydays before your next road trip.

Because of their size and weight, motorhomes tend to have high gas mileage. However, if you follow these driving and maintenance tips from our RV service experts, you can get the best gas mileage possible in your RV.

Frequently Change rV Air Filters

Changing your air filter is an easy way to maximize your RV fuel mileage, and the frequency with which you need to do so depends on a number of factors, including climate, how often you drive in the city versus the highway, and whether or not you have a diesel or gas engine. Gas engine air filters should be inspected at every oil change, while diesel engines typically have an “Air Restriction Indicator” to alert you when a new filter is needed. At Lazydays, our service team can take care of all your air filter inspection and replacement needs. In fact, this service is included in several of our motorized RV routine maintenance packages, which can help you save up to up to 25% on the routine maintenance your RV needs to keep it running smoothly.

Utilize Cruise Control in your RV

Many newer motorhomes come equipped with cruise control and utilizing this function can help increase your RV MPG. Cruise control helps you maintain a consistent speed and is safest on highways and interstates where frequent stops aren’t required.  

Don’t Forget to Use Overdrive

Like cruise control, utilizing your Overdrive transmission can help you get better RV fuel mileage on the road. In fact, using Overdrive can help save up to 30-40% of fuel. Keep in mind that regular transmission service can prevent any transmission issues from causing a decrease in fuel mileage. Lazydays offers RV transmission service, including inspection of transmission lines and fittings, as well as draining transmission fluid.

Avoid Excessive & Unnecessary Idling

Like any vehicle, excessive and unnecessary idling can cause a decrease in fuel mileage. Be sure to avoid excessive speeding, especially in areas with stop signs and stop lights, as this causes your fuel mileage to suffer.

Check & Maintain RV Tire Pressure

In addition to preventing potential damage, maintaining the manufacturer suggested tire pressure can help you get the best gas mileage in your RV. Visit a Lazydays RV Accessories & More store for tire pressure monitoring systems to help you keep an eye on your tire pressure from the road.

Lazydays RV is home to the nation’s largest RV service center, and our service centers in Florida, Arizona, Colorado and Minnesota are staffed by RV technicians who average 14+ years of experience working on RVs. Check out our RV lifestyle blog for even more service tips, including everything you need to know about RV batteries, RV generators, and RV appliance maintenance.