By Lazydays

Check out the best RV generator maintenance tips from the RV service experts at Lazydays.

Keep Track of the Hour Meter

All RV generators should have an hour meter, which keeps track of the amount of time the generator has been running. Because this effects how frequently the oil should be changed, you’ll want to keep track of RV generator usage hours to prevent any future service issues.  

Change Your Oil, Filters and Fluids

Manufacturers recommend changing the oil in your new RV generator after the first 50 hours, and then every 150 hours after that. When changing the oil, it is recommended that the oil filter be changed, and coolant levels be topped off. Because the generator air filter affects the efficiency and life of the generator, you’ll want to be sure it is replaced at least every 500 hours of usage. 

Run Your Generator Frequently

Even the best RV generators require frequent use to keep things running smoothly. If, for example, you’ve put your RV in storage for the off-season, you’ll still need to run your generator for at least one hour every 3-4 weeks to keep fuel from gumming up the generator. Try turning on the air conditioner or other large appliances to make sure the generator is running at 50% load capacity or more.

Don’t Remove the Covers

While it may seem counterintuitive when you feel the heat from your exterior RV generator, you shouldn’t remove the front cover or any of the other main covers while the generator is running. This will not cool down your generator. In fact, the covers are arranged to promote air flow, so any movement can end up causing problems with the engine.

The best way to extend the life of your RV generator is to have it professionally serviced every 12 months. At Lazydays, our RV service experts take care of everything from replacing the filters to inspecting the generator exhaust. In fact, as a full-service Onan Honda dealer, we’re able to service almost any RV generators with any type of problem. If needed, you can even purchase a new generator at our Lazydays RV Accessories & More stores. Check out our RV lifestyle blog for even more RV service tips about everything from RV appliance maintenance to annual RV checks.