By Lazydays

Learn more about proper annual RV maintenance with the help of Lazydays RV service experts.

Regular RV maintenance and service checks can help protect you from expensive RV repairs down the road, which is why we’re proud to present the third installment of our RV service videos: Annual RV Maintenance. Watch the video below, read additional tips from our RV service technicians and be sure to subscribe to our Lazydays YouTube Channel to find more helpful RV lifestyle videos.

Exterior RV Annual Checks

slide seals

  • Check Pliability
  • Identify and Close Gaps
  • Remove Debris
  • Lubricate Tracks

Water Bank

  • Check Plugs for Leakage
  • Check Water Connections for Leakage
  • Check Main Cap for Leakage

Exterior Ladder

  • Tighten Screws

Exterior Appliance Connections

  • Remove Debris
  • Fill Gaps in Sealant
  • Annual Service Recommended

Exterior Entertainment Systems

  • Fill Gaps in Sealant

Entry Steps

  • Keep Lubricated


  • Check for Cut-Outs, Debris & Holes

Engine Maintenance

  • Check for Debris
  • Annual Service Recommended

Interior Annual RV Checks


  • Clean Seals
  • Fill Gaps in Sealant
  • Keep Door Slightly Open During Storage

Oven, Stove & Sink

  • Clean Debris
  • Fill Gaps in Sealant

Moving Parts

  • Keep Lubricated & Tightened


  • Check Base for Leakage


  • Check Strips for Frays and Cuts

Air Conditioner

  • Check Outputs
  • Check Hedge Unit
  • Change Filters Annually

While the personal RV tips we’ve suggested are a great first step, it’s important to make sure you’re paying attention to the recommended RV maintenance intervals and having your RV serviced by professionals. We make maintenance easy with convenient and affordable RV maintenance specials.

Our Motorized RV Maintenance Packages can help you save up to 25% while ensuring that your vehicle is getting the attention it needs. Choose from Silver, Diamond, Gold, Platinum and Titanium packages.

Our Towable RV Maintenance Packages come in three different tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Choose the option that works best for your budget and practice responsible preventative maintenance habits to prevent expensive issues down the road.

Visit a Lazydays service department at our RV dealerships in Tampa, Tucson, and Colorado. We have 50 RVDA-RVIA certified technicians, and our service technicians average 14+ years of experience working on RVs, so you know you’re in capable hands. Request your next appointment today!