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RVs are a big investment, and regular upkeep and preventative maintenance can prevent costly RV repairs as well as untimely inconveniences along your family travels. While all RVs need to be serviced every 6-12 months, our tiered RV maintenance packages are designed to bundle convenience and value to help RVers maintain their annual maintenance schedule.

In order to pick the right preventative maintenance package that’s right for you, it’s important that you understand the recommended maintenance intervals for motorhomes and towable RVs. We’ve highlighted some recommended RV service intervals below for components that commonly require preventative upkeep. Keep in mind that many RV manufacturers require you to perform regular RV maintenance in order to maintain their component warranties. Make sure to refer to your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your specific make and model.

Recommended Maintenance Intervals

All RVs

Every 12 months, it is recommended that you bring in your RV for the following maintenance procedures: roof AC service, RV appliance service, RV battery service, premium RV and generator service. All RV roof and body sealant should also be inspected for signs of deterioration every 12 months. In addition to those yearly suggestions, we also recommend that you have slides and jacks serviced every 3-4 months.

Motorhome-Specific Maintenance Intervals

Lazydays RV service experts recommend that all motorhomes have coolant service and tire rotation every 12 months. Diesel motorhomes also require annual Aqua-Hot service and air dryer service. Don’t forget that certain routine maintenance intervals are based on other factors. Engine and oil filter service, for example, is determined based on mileage.

Towable-Specific Maintenance Intervals

Travel trailers, fifth wheels and pop-up campers have additional needs, like RV brake and axle service, which is recommended every 12 months and essential for ensuring proper brake operation.

Motorhome Maintenance Packages

If you take advantage of our motorized RV maintenance packages, you can enjoy savings up to 25% on the regular annual RV services that you need to keep your motorhome running smoothly. We even offer different package levels so you can choose the services that best fit your lifestyle. All of our packages also include numerous inspections of key components.

Silver Package

With our silver package, our RV experts perform basic routine maintenance, including replacing engine and generator oil and filters, servicing house and chassis batteries, topping off fluids and adjusting tire pressures.

Diamond ANd Gold Packages

The diamond and gold packages offer a chance for motorhome owners to prioritize certain types of RV service needs. With the diamond package, you’ll receive RV appliance service, slide and jack service, house and battery service, complete, chassis lubrication and more. The gold package includes all of the services included in the silver package, as well as, appliance service, premium generator service and engine fuel filter replacement.

Platinum package

The platinum package offers all the services of the gold package, with additional tank, slide and jack, and chassis maintenance.

Titanium Package

The titanium package is our most thorough routine maintenance package for diesel motorhomes, and it includes all the services available on the other packages, as well as more extensive chassis maintenance.

Towable Maintenance Packages

With our towable RV maintenance packages, you can make sure you’re properly maintaining your fifth wheel or travel trailer and save money doing it!

Silver Package

The silver package for towable RVs features basic services like body and roof sealant inspection, lubrication, basic RV appliance service, holding tank maintenance and more.

Gold & Platinum Package

In addition to all of the silver package services, the gold package includes brake and axle service. The platinum package includes the gold package services, plus RV roof sealant removal and reseal.

Not sure which maintenance package to choose? Our RV service experts can help you determine the package that best fits your unique needs. In fact, Lazydays RV is home to the nation’s largest RV service center, and our service centers in Florida, Arizona and Colorado are staffed by RV technicians who average 14+ years of experience working on RVs. Check out our RV lifestyle blog for even more service tips, including 10 essential RV tips for spring travel.