By Lazydays

The first RV trip of the year is the launchpad for the adventures ahead.

Whether you’re a veteran RVer or looking to jump headfirst into the RV lifestyle, there are plenty of things to do to make sure you’re ready to go.

From taking your RV in for an annual service appointment to packing your RV with all of the essentials, you’ll want to make sure that everything is ready for your personal RV lifestyle. Check out these tips from Lazydays RV to ensure you have everything you need to get ready for your initial RV trip of the new year!

Take Care of Lingering Maintenance Issues

The first thing all RVers can, and should, take care of during the off-season is recommended RV maintenance and inspections. If you do not plan on taking a winter RV trip, January and February are the best times to do so. One of the main benefits of knocking out your annual maintenance checklist during the first few months of the year is that it allows plenty of time to address any serious issues that may come up without impacting your impending travel plans.

When scheduling RV maintenance during the off-season, prioritize larger, essential annual service items (if you haven’t already taken care of them in the past 12 months). A few key service items to take care of before your first RV trip of the year include:

  • Engine Oil & Filter Service: If you own a motorized RV, no matter the size, you’re not going anywhere without a working engine. At Lazydays RV, our service technicians replace your RV’s engine oil, oil filter and add lubrication to the entire chassis. We service gas and diesel motorhomes, along with Mercedes/Sprinter vans.
  • Slide and Jack Service: Other systems you do not want to malfunction mid-drive are your RV’s slides and jacks. It is recommended this service be performed every 3-4 months. Lazydays service includes; test, clean and lubricate slide components as well as test, inspect and clean jacks and foot pads.
  • RV Generator Service: An annual check-up for your RV’s generator will ensure it’s in prime condition for a full travel season, especially if your RV has been stored for an extended period of time. As part of our comprehensive RV generator service, Lazydays technicians will replace your generator’s oil, oil filter, inspect the generator’s exhaust and more.

Additional service items that RVers should have on their pre-season maintenance checklist include roof AC service, battery service and appliance service. Schedule a service appointment or contact us today to learn more about how to get your RV ready for the road!

Stock up on Supplies

If you have a few months before your next RV trip, stocking up on supplies is a great way to get a jump start on planning. First, make a detailed checklist of your current stock. Start with the essentials first, including items like cookware, bedding, medical supplies, spare parts and more. Restock those items and then move on to any additions you had in mind for the upcoming travel season. Whether it’s a new grill or adding a Wi-Fi range extender, the Lazydays RV Accessories & More store has it all!

Work out the Finer Details

Whether you’re planning your first RV trip or your hundredth, working out the fine details of a vacation can be a challenge. When it comes to an RV road trip, there are dozens of factors to consider. From route planning to finding a place to eat dinner one night, putting together an RV trip itinerary is a lot of work. If you have a general trip idea in mind, here are a few planning steps to take before your first RV trip:

  • Plan your essential stops: Depending on the length (both distance and time) of your trip and the size of your RV, you’ll need to account for both expected and unexpected stops. Expected stops primarily include gas and overnight rests if there is a sizable distance between destinations on your RV trip. Once you settle on a route that works for you, plot out gas stations located along the route. Best practice calls for looking for a gas station once you hit ¼ full on your gas gauge, so having pre-mapped out where the nearest station is can save you time and stress. If the drive between destinations is longer than 6 hours, it’s best to spend the night somewhere along the route. Based on your preferences, you have several options to choose from, ranging from parking lots to KOA campgrounds.
  • Pre-purchase tickets: From museum visits to baseball games, buying tickets ahead of time is always a good idea. For starters, you can take advantage of any sales that may be going on before your trip. Once you have your next trip’s stops and activities planned out, subscribe to email newsletters or schedule a check-in every few weeks to see if ticket prices change. With sporting events, for example, prices fluctuate based on several factors including weather (if it’s outdoors), how the team or their opponent is performing and more.
  • Practice the basics: If you’re a new RV owner and will be taking your first RV trip this spring, touching up on the basics of RVing will make a world of difference. Getting the hang of driving or towing an RV is the most important thing RVers should be comfortable with before their first trip.

Take a Small Trip

A great way to plan your next adventure or first big RV trip is to take your RV for a quick weekend getaway. Make sure to take care of any annual maintenance beforehand, but a short RV trip is especially useful for first-time RVers. From learning how to set up camp and handle a rig on the road to dealing with unexpected mishaps, a short RV trip is a fantastic way to learn the ins and outs of RVing. A few ideas for a quick winter or early spring RV trip include:

  • An RV ski trip: Whether overnight or for a long weekend, an RV ski trip is a fun, quick road trip that any RVer can take. If you already have ski gear and are comfortable driving in the snow, a ski trip can be planned in only a few days. Spending a night or two in the snow can help first-time RVers become familiar with winterization, how to use their RV’s heating system and driving in adverse conditions.
  • A beach trip: Easier to get to than the mountains, a quick getaway to the beach is a fantastic trip for RVers to relax and check that their motorhome or towable is ready for the summer. For first-time RVers, try boondocking to familiarize yourself with what it’s like to RV without hookups and become comfortable using your generator and managing your freshwater supply.
  • A gameday tailgate: Depending on the time of year, taking your RV to a football, baseball or NASCAR event makes for a fun day-trip. First-time RVers can get a taste of one of our favorite aspects of the RV lifestyle and become familiar with cooking and entertaining from their RV. Even better, you’re sure to make a few friends in the parking lot!

For more RV tips, road trip ideas and news on the latest accessories, stay tuned to the Lazydays RV blog.