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Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or haven’t the slightest clue what the difference between a travel trailer and a motorhome is, you can probably recognize an Airstream.

With its sleek silver profile, dark windows and exposed rivets, an Airstream travel trailer is an image that stands out amongst the pack. As the brand’s timeless look prevails, Airstream continues to innovate and stretch the possibility of what a travel trailer can do. At Lazydays RV, we’re proud to offer the latest Airstream travel trailers at our Tucson and Minneapolis locations. Check out this guide to everything Airstream, from the history of this storied brand to the latest models available at Lazydays RV!

A History of Innovation

Airstream was officially founded in 1931 by Wally Byam in Culver City, CA. During the late 1920s’, Byam experimented with attaching a tent to the top of a Model T, creating the first travel trailer. The initial model did not hold up well in poor weather, so he fixed a permanent structure onto the Model T chassis. He later published step-by-step instructions in Popular Mechanics and demand exploded from friends and neighbors for Byam to build them a trailer. From there, Airstream was born.

As one of the first travel trailer companies, innovation became a necessity as the business continued to grow. The onset of the Great Depression and World War II brought hard times to the company. Airstreams could only be built during the war years for military purposes and many employees, including Wally himself, ended up working in aircraft manufacturing. After the war, the first Airstream Liners began rolling off the assembly line, with Wally taking one on a tour of post-war Europe to further test its road capabilities.

Throughout the ensuing decades, Airstream introduced several firsts to travel trailers including the first self-contained hot water system. Following the success of the Apollo 11 moon landings, the three astronauts were quarantined aboard an Airstream trailer that NASA commissioned. The brand continued to innovate and refine the classic Airstream model, adding additional features and making travel trailers more comfortable than ever. Today, the brand continues to blend classic designs with emerging technologies.

What Makes an Airstream an Airstream?

The first feature that stands out when most people think of Airstream is the classic-silver bullet design. The design, partially inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s pioneering aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis, features rounded edges and a silvery sheen. From an engineering perspective, the goal of the design was to improve the trailer’s aerodynamic properties and improve fuel efficiency. The brand continues this design practice in most of its current models.

Another defining characteristic of an Airstream travel trailer is its reliability. RVers adore these travel trailers for their durability, longevity, and overall quality. They’ve been known to have lifespans that can stretch multiple decades. One of the company’s defining qualities is its commitment to handcrafting everything you see in the interior of the RV. From the furniture to appliances, each piece is built and installed by hand.

Technology is something RVers have come to associate with Airstream. As one of the oldest brands in the RV industry, Airstreams have featured quite a few firsts. Today, you’ll find a host of cutting-edge technologies in an Airstream travel trailer. One of the most unique features offered is Smart Control Technology. Introduced in 2018, Smart Control Technology pairs numerous appliances and systems through the RV with an app that allows users to monitor and control several features. From the awning to monitoring how much propane you have left; the app streamlines the day to day tasks associated with the RV lifestyle into the palm of your hand.

Now Is a Great Time to Own an Airstream

As the RV lifestyle continues to grow in popularity, Airstreams represent a great entry-level RV. With their incredible quality, easy-to-use features, and versatility, Airstream travel trailers epitomize what RVing is all about. Last year alone, over 43% of all Airstream buyers were first-time RVers. At Lazydays RV Tucson and Minneapolis, we carry the latest 2020 models, each with a diverse range of features, floor plans, and more. Check out some of our favorites available today:

2020 Airstream Globetrotter 27FBQ Travel Trailer

Featuring a queen or twin adaptive foam bed, surround sound with a subwoofer, handcrafted Italian cabinetry, LED lighting and two LG LED HD TVs, the Globetrotter is a compact travel trailer tailor-made for comfort. With the ability to sleep up to six people, this towable RV is perfect for small families, couples and groups of friends. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a weekend outdoors or the ultimate tailgate, the 2020 Globetrotter 27FBQ is a must-see RV.

2020 Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB Travel Trailer

Coming in at a sleek 23 feet, the Flying Cloud 23FB comes standard with a booth dinette, an LG LED HD TV, a Blu-Ray™ DVD player, interior and exterior LED lighting and a Manual ZipDee® patio awning with Sunbrella® fabric. One of the brand’s most versatile models, this travel trailer can comfortably sleep four people. Its incredible entertainment options, along with a seemingly endless amount of storage and rugged design make it ideal for RVers of all kinds.

2020 Airstream Bambi 19CB Travel Trailer

Despite its compact frame, the Bambi 19CB can sleep up to four people and offers a wealth of amenities for RVers to enjoy. This single-axle RV features seamless vinyl flooring, a JVC Stereo with Bluetooth® connectivity, a 2-burner cooktop, an exterior shower and a built-in winterization kit. Perfect for a night at the beach or an epic road trip, the Bambi 19CB packs a big punch in a little package.

2020 Airstream Classic 30RB Travel Trailer

Ideal for full-time RVers or extended trips, the Airstream Classic combines the brand’s timeless design with the ultimate modern RV amenities. This spacious travel trailer sleeps up to five in great comfort and offers several features that set it apart amongst its industry peers. The 30RB comes standard with a powered convertible dinette for sleeping accommodations, a choice of a queen or twin powered beds, Airstream Smart Control Technology surround sound, and much, much more.

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