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As summer ends, fall brings a change in the weather and travel habits for many RVers.

With the weather cooling down, kids heading back to school and a summer of travel coming to an end, many are faced with the decision of whether to enjoy a few more trips or prepare their RV for off-season storage.

The RV Experts at Lazydays RV are here to help RVers get ready for the fall with last-minute trip ideas, recommended maintenance and more!

Preparing for a Fall Trip

Fall is an ideal time for off-season travel due to the weather, smaller crowds and types of trips unique to the season. Some great fall RV trip ideas include:

  • Fall Foliage Trips: Take advantage of the change in seasons with a trip to see incredible sights and enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and canoeing. A few top destinations include The Black Hills of South Dakota, Aspen, Colorado and Asheville, North Carolina.
  • National Parks: Fall is often the best time of year to visit many of the country’s best National Parks. Places like Yosemite, the Great Smoky Mountains and Glacier National Park are great RV destinations. The fall foliage adds to their incredible beauty, and the weather tends to be quite favorable.

With the swing into the fall season, RVers will need to consider several factors when planning fall RV trips:

  • Weather: Depending on where you will be traveling, weather can have a significant impact on your trip. In states like California, Oregon and Arizona, forest/wildfire season can become especially nasty in the early fall. Forests and grasslands that receive little or no rain during the summer become quite dry and pose a high fire risk. Atlantic storm season peaks from August to Mid-October and can produce some troublesome weather across the southeast. Make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out on your trip and prepare your RV accordingly if bad weather is possible.
  • Post-Summer Wear and Tear: After a great summer of RVing, your RV may have incurred a few bumps and bruises along the way. While preparing for a fall RV trip, RVers should inspect their RV and take note of any possible damages from the summer. Check for things like sun damage to the roof, significant tire wear and a malfunctioning AC unit.

Maintenance and Accessories for the Fall RVing Season

Following a busy summer, RVers should make sure they’re up-to-date with annual maintenance checks in order to keep their RV in great condition. Here are a few RV service recommendations as we head into the fall season:

  • Roof-Top AC Maintenance: Your RV’s AC unit works hard during the summer and keeping it in working order is still a priority in the fall. Lazydays RVs full-service roof-top AC maintenance begins with an inspection of the unit and includes filter replacement and repairs (if necessary).
  • Tire Rotation: Besides your RV’s AC unit, the tires face a significant amount of wear throughout a busy summer. It is recommended that motorhome tires be rotated every 12 months to extend the life of the tires.
  • Slide and Jack Service: RV slide outs and jacks operate best when serviced every 3-4 months. As part of our full slide and jack service, Lazydays RV service technicians will inspect, clean and maintain your RVs slide outs and jacks to keep them in top shape. These tasks include inspecting all RV slide outs to ensure they operate properly, lubricating slide seals and cleaning all RV jacks.

While it’s not winter, RVing in the fall requires a few extra accessories to cope with the weather. Blankets, fire starters and warm sleeping bags are essential if you plan on boondocking or visiting a limited RV campsite during the fall. Games are great ways for families to have fun if the weather sours during a trip. For tailgates, a large-folding table, an extra cooler or grill, and a sun blocker are must-haves.

Getting Your RV Ready for Fall Storage

If you are planning to store your RV beginning in the fall, RVers should follow this checklist:

  1. 1. Have the Proper Coverage: During the fall and winter, your RV will be susceptible to the environment. Rain, snow and leaves are all factors to consider during the storage period. If you do not have an RV garage, an RV cover is the best way to keep your RV protected when it is not in use. All Lazydays Accessories and More stores carry RV covers for each class, as well as tire and windshield covers.
  2. 2. Have Your RV Winterized: Once temperatures hit below freezing, standing water and sewage in your RV can freeze. The frozen water will expand and can damage your plumbing system, resulting in frustrating maintenance costs next season.
  3. 3. Clean Your RV Top to Bottom: A clean RV in the fall is a clean RV in the spring. RV owners should clean the interior and exterior of their RV. Thoroughly clean all interior appliances, sleeping/living areas and bathrooms to prevent mold and limit the amount of dust. Washing your RV’s exterior will prevent extra dust and dirt build-up while it’s in storage and keep your paint in great condition.
  4. 4. Use Storage Chemicals: For motorhomes, add the appropriate fuel stabilizer to your holding tank to prevent fuel deterioration, gum build-up (gas) or gelling (diesel) while your coach is in storage.

Contact or visit your local Lazydays RV dealer to learn more about our maintenance services and how we can help you get your RV ready for any season.

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