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As we move through the dog days of summer, RVers across the country are hitting the backcountry, and enjoying the best of what nature and the RV lifestyle have to offer.

No trip quite epitomizes our favorite aspects of the RV lifestyle quite like an RV camping trip. From time spent with family and close friends to using all the incredible features RVs have to offer, an RV camping trip is a can’t-miss experience.

Whether it’s your first RV camping trip or your hundredth, the challenges of camping in the great outdoors remain the same. That’s why we’ve put together a few camping hacks to help you give you the upper hand. Check out 7 of our favorite RV camping tips!

1: Make a list FOR EVERYTHING

If you’ve followed the Lazydays blog, you might get the feeling RVing and lists go hand on hand. Whether it’s for a packing list or a pre-trip inspection checklist, it helps to be organized as an RVer. When it comes to RV camping, it’s no exception.

There are a lot of moving parts that go into an RV camping trip. Before packing, you’ll need to make sure your RV is ready for the road. Having a pre-trip inspection checklist will help cut down the time you need to inspect your RV and ensure you don’t miss anything important. From there, a packing list for your RV accessories, food, camping gear, and clothing is a great way to stay organized and ensure you don’t forget anything. If you’re especially organized, making a quick itinerary and meal prep list can help you maximize your time enjoying the outdoors and your favorite activity.

2: Take the time to pick a campground

Besides your RV, the campground you choose can impact how your RV camping trip goes. Taking the extra time to thoroughly research your next campground can prevent a lot of unnecessary hassle and ensure you have a great time.

The first place to start is to check the campgrounds website and other sites like Google Maps for reviews on it. Read up on information on the campground to learn more about the amenities it offers (or if it doesn’t), what RVing there is like during the time of year you’re going, what challenges other RVers faced, and other helpful bits of information. Based on what you’ve read, think critically about whether you will feel comfortable camping there. Every RVer has different levels of experience when it comes to camping and boondocking. It’s best practice not to challenge yourself too hard at a new campground. You’ll want to make sure your comfortable staying a few nights in that area, especially if you’re boondocking.

3: When packing, double-check on the little things

Any pre-trip RV checklist will focus on the big things; make sure the AC is working, there’s plenty of food in the kitchen, everyone has a set of warm clothes, etc. What can get overlooked are the little things like your cooler, whether your BBQ has enough propane, whether you have an extension cord, and more. Before heading out on your next RV camping trip, check on these other items and do some shopping as needed. A leaky cooler or missing power cable is an easily preventable hassle. At Lazydays RV, our RV accessories and more store has everything you need for your next RV camping trip, and then some. Check out a few of our featured products for great deals on the latest RV accessories!

4: Bring a tent

Bringing a tent to an RV camping trip might sound excessive, but there are plenty of reasons to bring an extra or two along. For starters, the weather may make sleeping outside seem like a fun idea. When there’s no need to run the AC unit all night, sleeping outside in a tent can also help prolong your unit’s shelf life.

Depending upon how many people you’re going camping with, an extra tent or two may be necessary. With space at a premium, an air mattress in a tent can make for a comfortable night under the stars. From the sounds of birds in the morning to waking up with the sun, it can be refreshing to spend a night or two outside.

5: Keep a surge protector handy

If you are camping somewhere with a power hookup, make sure to have a surge protector or two on hand. Power levels can vary between campgrounds, RV parks, and other locations. Surge protectors will help keep your RV’s critical systems protected in the unlikely event of a power surge and can help enhance how your RV uses commercial power.

6: A grill and cast-iron pan are a cook’s best friends

A small, portable grill and a cast-iron pan are two items every RVer should have. No matter if you own a Class B motorhome or a pop-up camper, these two items are versatile enough to cook almost any meal. Paired with a single burner, skilled chefs can get away with just owning a cast iron pan. RVers can cook everything from steaks to soup in the pan since cast iron does an incredible job at retaining heat and delivering incredible flavors.

When it comes to RV grills, choose what’s best for your RV. Both propane and charcoal grills come in a range of shapes and sizes that are sure to accommodate your RV’s storage. The incredible versatility and portability of grills make them the perfect camping accessory. With a cast-iron pan, your grill turns into a portable kitchen, from which you can cook entire meals.

7: Have fun!

Most importantly, have a great time! Take time to unplug, enjoy some incredible scenery, good times, fun adventures, and more on your next RV camping trip!

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