By Lazydays

It’s hard to argue that spring isn’t the best time of year. The weather is warmer, nature is in full bloom and grilling season is back in full swing. For some RVers, this year’s Spring prep will involve upgrading or purchasing a grill for their RV.

Choosing what kind of grill to get for your RV isn’t an easy decision. Should you go with propane or charcoal? Cast iron or stainless steel? The possibilities are endless, so Lazydays RV is here to help. Check out some of the elements you should consider when deciding what kind of grill to buy for your RV:


The best place to start when choosing a grill for your RV is to decide what kind of fuel you want to use: propane, charcoal or natural gas. Propane and natural gas grills are easy to use and offer consistent performance.

Charcoal grills require more attention when setting and maintaining the right temperature, but many argue they add better flavor to whatever you’re cooking. With charcoal, you also have plenty of options in terms of what kind of fuel you’d like to use. Briquettes are the standard but there are other charcoal types like hardwood lump and even wood pellets, which often come in different flavors like mesquite or cherry.


What your grill is made from is just as important as what fuel it uses. A grill’s material affects how well it retains heat, holds up against the elements and its overall cost. Small, portable grills can be made from aluminum, which makes them relatively cheap and easy to move. However, they do not retain heat well, meaning a large meal will require more fuel and time.

Stainless steel is easy to clean, has solid rust-resistance and good heat retention. Many propane grills and grates are made from this material. Most portable grills are not made from cast iron but cast-iron grates are fantastic for cooking large cuts of meat, as they retain heat very well. Cast iron has a higher susceptibility to rust, requires regular cleaning, and is heavier than other materials.


Choosing what type of grill to get depends a lot on what type of RV you have. With smaller models like Class Bs, pop-ups or some travel trailers you may not have the option to mount your barbeque or have a lot of storage space. A portable charcoal/gas grill or campfire grill may be your best options.

Portable charcoal/gas grills or grill stands can be set-up virtually anywhere and are very easy to use. Campfire grills, which consist of grates set up over a fire, are relatively inexpensive but do require set up at a campsite.

If your RV has the option to mount a grill, your choices mainly focus on how large of a grill you need and what kind of fuel set-up your RV has. Some Class A models come with separate liquid propane or gas fuel supplies. If your RV does not, a grill with a propane attachment or charcoal grill are the best options.

If you’re in the market for a new RV grill or need help with deciding what kind of grill to get, visit or call your local Lazydays RV dealer. Check out our BBQ grills & accessories for all your RV grilling needs!