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RVing is for everyone. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or have only camped in your backyard, anyone can enjoy all that the RV lifestyle has to offer.

This extends to our favorite furry friends. Yes, you read that right, the RV lifestyle is suited for pets as well. No matter if you own a trailer or a motorhome, you can bring your pet along for the adventure.

If you do choose to bring your pet along on your next RV trip, you’ll want to make sure they’re happy and comfortable. At the onset, bringing a pet may seem like extra work on top of your pre-trip preparations. However, it’s far from it! The RV experts at Lazydays RV are here to help you get your RV pet-ready with these pet-friendly tips!

1: Make sure they have their own space

We all know space is at a premium in an RV but making sure your pet has their area goes a long way to keeping them happy. Most importantly, this separate space will help keep you and your pet safe while you’re on the road. Having your pet rest on your lap while your RV is moving might seem like the more relaxing option, it can be a safety risk. It is also best that they do not move around the interior of the RV while you’re driving, as sudden shifts or movements could make them lose their balance or fall.

The safest and most comfortable method is to put your pet in a crate that is secured in some area of your RV. Whether it’s in the dinette or close by you on the floor, you’ll want to make sure the crate is secured in case of any sharp turns or sudden stops. Placing their favorite blanket and/or toys in the crate with them should help keep them calm while on the road.

2: Take frequent breaks on a long drive

Another on the road tip, taking frequent breaks on a long drive can help keep your pets (and you) happy. While some people may want to power through a long drive, doing so can be difficult for pets. If you have dogs, they’ll likely need to make a bathroom break or two every few hours. With cats, letting them out of the crate to walk around and use the litter box will be necessary too.

Another thing to keep in mind with dogs during a long drive is exercise. If your dog is having a tough time on the road, stopping and taking a long walk or playing with them can help expend energy. Exercise can help them relax and sleep or rest through the rest of the drive. Also, make sure to stop so you can feed your pet if you will be driving throughout the day.

3: Keep all their things in one spot

More so a tip for your peace of mind but keeping all your pet supplies in a central location can cut down on a lot of hassle. Whether it’s in your kitchen, below your bed, or above the driver’s cab, try keeping all your pet supplies in one area (adding a label is never a bad idea either). That way, you can save time fetching a leash, grabbing food, or search for medicine. Plus, you won’t run into the problem of mixing up dog food and people food.

4: If you’re in the market for a new RV, consider one with pet-friendly features

Some of the coolest features in modern RVs are not meant for people. Trailers and motorhomes can feature awesome pet amenities that make the RV experience even more comfortable for your favorite four-legged friend. Highland Ridge fifth wheels, for example, come with several unique amenities for your pets. These include wall-mounted registers to help keep your pet safe and clean up easier for you, pull-out pet dishes, and a built-in pet bed. A few additional features we’ve seen include tie-down areas, extra wet storage space, and feet-high windows so your pet can enjoy the view of the open road.

5: Take them with you as much as you can

This applies mostly to dogs (and cats in some cases) but take your pet on as many adventures as you can. For RVers, an RV trip is a break away from normal life to enjoy things you don’t often get to do. For pets, living in an RV can be a bit of a shock from their normal routine. Bringing your dog along on hikes, to the beach, and elsewhere can help them adjust to this new environment. Even better, who doesn’t enjoy spending more time with their pet? To help them adjust, invest in a few pet-friendly RV accessories at the Lazydays RV accessories and more store!

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