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At Lazydays RV, we take pride in creating the best possible RV experience for our customers across the country.

 Whether it’s helping RVers through every step of the RV buying process or providing an incredible RV experience at the Lazydays RV Resort, we are committed to the RV community. This extends to our service program, where our teams of expert RV technicians help RVers get the most of their RVs and the RV lifestyle.

Keeping your trailer or motorhome in top shape is vital to both enjoying the best of the RV lifestyle and extending the usability and value of your RV. Maintenance procedures and planning across both types of RVs are quite similar, but each has unique requirements that RVers must look out for. With trailers, owners have a few areas to focus on separate from motorhomes. Keeping track of proper maintenance across such a wide range of systems and features can be challenging, which is why Lazydays RV is here to help. We offer multiple tiered trailer service packages at all of our locations. Here, we’ll discuss a few of the trailer-specific services owners need to consider and how trailer service packages from Lazydays RV can help keep your costs down and your RV running smoothly!

Trailer Services to Look Out For

Whether you’re looking for a more luxurious take on traditional camping or the ultimate tailgate experience, trailers have it all. With this variety comes a set of service requirements separate from motorhomes.

The first maintenance requirement for trailer owners to consider is keeping their tow vehicle in top shape. For first-time RVers, this step is a breeze, as regular car maintenance is something all car owners do, much like we all go to the doctor for a checkup. When you own a trailer, an extra caveat to add to your regular car service is to ensure your tow hitch (rear or cab) is in good working condition. Depending on the type of car and RV you own, towing a trailer can put some additional strain on your car. Make sure to take your car in before the start of every RV season to ensure its fit for the task.

Continuing to the trailer itself, the tow hitch and coupling are service requirements unique to trailers. On smaller travel trailers and pop-up campers, the trailer is towed using a standard tow hitch. Regular service will check for any damage or cracks to the hitch. Replacing the hitch itself is standard procedure, as they use single-piece construction. Fifth wheels and toy haulers use more complex hitches that attach to the bed of a pick-up truck. They include springs, sway controls, and other components that must be inspected and maintained throughout the trailer’s lifecycle.

Trailers also include different battery functions than motorhomes. While a motorhome’s engine directly charges the batteries, a trailer’s batteries are charged by the alternator in the tow vehicle (in standard configurations). In the regular configuration, you’ll need to ensure your connections are in working order. If you use an alternative power source (i.e. solar), additional service will be required.

Trailer Maintenance Packages Available at Lazydays RV

To help RVers keep up with their annual maintenance, many of our trailer services have been bundled into convenient trailer service packages. Available at Lazydays RV service centers across the country, these maintenance packages cover the range of essential trailer systems. Trailer maintenance packages are available in four tiers: silver, gold, platinum and titanium. Starting at the silver tier, all packages include the following services:

  • Inspection of outside lights, including repairs for 2 lights
  • Inspection of body and window sealants
  • Awning inspections
  • Charging systems checks
  • Tire pressure checks and adjustments
  • Battery service
  • Water heater service
  • Flushing and deodorizing of holding tanks
  • And much more!

Additional services that are included in the gold, platinum, and titanium packages include:

  • Check brakes
  • Replace inner axle seals
  • Check bearings and repackage
  • Remove old rooftop sealant and reseal
  • Service rooftop AC unit including cleaning all coils and replacing gaskets and filters

When deciding on which package is right for you, consult the owner’s manual to determine the manufacturer recommendations on regular trailer maintenance.

In addition to our trailer service packages, Lazydays RV offers a range of individual and seasonal services and specials. Two of our most popular seasonal services include basic dewinterization and RV inspection packages. Our basic dewinterization service covers your RVs plumbing and water systems and helps to flush them of all winterization chemicals. Appliance dewinterization is also available. To ensure your RV is truly ready for a season of RV travel, have Lazydays’ certified RV technicians perform a full RV inspection. We’ll check your trailer’s slide outs, AC roof unit, appliances, rooftop, and other critical systems to ensure it’s ready for the road. If you’re ready to have your trailer serviced, schedule an appointment today!

To learn more about Lazydays RV’s selection of the latest trailers and motorhomes, RV accessories, and service packages, contact us today or visit a Lazydays dealership near you!

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