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Options define the RV buying process.

This word can be used to describe the buying process for any vehicle, whether it’s a car or a drivable lawnmower. However, buying an RV adds a whole other layer of depth and choice to the notion of “options.” In our past model series blogs, we’ve covered the gamut of RV classes, from pop-up campers to Class A motorhomes. Looking at just those two classes, you have a massive difference in the type of RV experience you can have with each rig.

In our final model series post, we look at toy haulers, RVs that define the imaginative nature of the RV lifestyle. Toy haulers are most associated with being adventure-RV. Lending themselves to their namesake, a toy hauler can be accompanied by a towed “toy” in the form of a boat, off-road vehicle, jet ski, or other adventure vehicles. They also often feature a multi-purpose rear area that can be used as a garage, extra bedroom, or a mobile office, and can even hold a few toys of there own, such as an ATV, dirt bike, kayak or other outdoor fun. These incredible RVs highlight the unlimited possibilities of the RV lifestyle, so let’s check out a few of our favorites available at a Lazydays near you!

Grand Design

One of our most popular towable brands, Grand Design is a brand known for its commitment to innovation and luxury in the RV industry. This design philosophy extends to their incredible lineup of toy haulers, dubbed Momentum. Available in three sub-lines, the Momentum (we’ll call it the standard for this post), M, and G classes, these Grand Design toy haulers are perfect for families who live an active lifestyle.

The Momentum standard is a toy hauler that checks all the boxes when it comes to an RV built for comfort and adventure. RVers will be amazed at their first walk through this incredible rig at how luxurious it is. Its defining features are an elegant master bath and a master suite that includes a full walk-in closet. Other amenities include an exterior entertainment center, fireplace, 60-gallon fuel tank, and an insulated garage floor. The M-Class is an updated version of the Momentum toy hauler, and features many of the same amenities but in a lighter chassis.

Grand Design’s newest addition to their incredible toy hauler lineup is the G-class. Built on an incredible light chassis, these unique toy haulers take advantage of side and ceiling slide-outs to create a larger than life space inside of a compact trailer. The garage space in the G-class is massive, ranging in size from 11 to 16 feet (depending on the model. The largest model, the 393G, has a garage that features washer/dryer prep, rollover sofas, a tabletop bed, and an extending patio door. Other highlights include a shower with a skylight, unrestricted pass-through storage, and theater seating.

Forest River

Forest River, one of the most prolific brands in the industry, brings their incredible design philosophies to their toy hauler RVs. For the sheer number of features available to RVers, at a price point that is hard to beat, RVers looking for their first toy hauler should take a hard look at what Forest River has to offer. This starts with the Vengeance Rogue Armored, a massive toy hauler that has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate RV camping experience. This trailer features 1 ½ bath, a ramp door/patio system, two massive 18-foot and 12-foot awnings, an impressive master suite, a full kitchen, and much more. The rear garage has plenty of room to fit an extra vehicle or two and quickly converts into a sleeping and hangout area in seconds.

The Cherokee Wolf Pack is an ideal toy hauler for large families or RVers who love to travel with groups. It features many of the awesome amenities that are standard with Forest River toy haulers, including a massive garage with a patio/loading ramp, in-garage washer/dryer prep, fireplace/entertainment center area, and more. What makes this trailer stand out from the pack (no pun intended), is the garage sleeping arrangements. When empty, the garage can convert into a bunkhouse with the help of the Happijac Power Bed system, which adds two additional beds to the garage.

Another Forest River Toy Hauler to keep an eye on is the Work and Play, an amazing compact toy hauler perfect for couples and families. Ranging from the compact 21LT to the 29SS, the Work and Play has everything an RVer could want in a toy hauler. The garage can go from a storage area to a living room, to a dining room all in a few seconds. All options but the 21LT come with a king bed, and the kitchen includes a microwave, multi-burner range, plenty of pantry storage, and more.


The final brand we’re looking at in our toy hauler deep dive is Coachmen, a manufacturer with a storied history of quality, innovation, and customer service. Blending the functionality of a toy hauler with the comfort of a travel trailer, the Catalina Trail Blazer is an ideal fit for RVers who love options when they hit the road. Comfort is the name of the game here, with an entertainment center, full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom suite available to RVers off the bat. If you’re looking for extra social space, there is an option to turn the loading ramp into a party deck and turn your trailer into the perfect hang-out spot.

To learn about these and other incredible toy haulers, visit a Lazydays RV dealership near you!

Lazydays RV is wishing you a season full of great meals, good adventures, and family fun. For more RV tips, road trip ideas and news on the latest accessories, stay tuned to the Lazydays RV blog.