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The winter is often viewed as the “slow season” of the RV schedule.

At Lazydays RV, we like to think it’s quite the opposite. Whether you enjoy an RV ski trip or plan on storing your RV, there’s plenty to do. From planning a winter or first trip of the season to cleaning your RV, there are tons of things for RVers to still do and enjoy an RV experience during the cooler months. With the downtime that comes with winter, it is a great time to take care of your RV maintenance.

Depending on how active your travel schedule is during the winter, you’ll likely have a few weeks to a month of downtime, which is perfect to take care of several outstanding services. Also, no matter your plans for the winter, some services are a must if you live in a part of the country that experiences typical winter conditions like snow and low temperatures. Read on for three essential services for RVers to schedule this winter!

1: RV Winterization

If you live in an area that experiences a true winter, winterizing your RV is a MUST. For RVers traveling during the winter, you’ll still need to do a scaled-down winterization to prep for colder weather. If you are storing your RV for the winter, a full winterization is absolute, and should ideally be taken care of as soon as possible.

For RVers unfamiliar with the winterization process, it is a service that helps keep your RV systems most susceptible to weather-related damage protected and prevents larger issues from occurring once you get ready for the spring travel season. The main areas of focus are the various water systems found in your RV (plumbing, fresh, hot, etc.). Once the mercury dips below freezing, excess water in your RV’s pipes and holding tanks freezes. As the water does so, it expands, often breaking or cracking pipes and the lining of your tanks. Cold temperatures also affect diesel fuel, which can gel if left idle during the winter.

The easiest way to prevent damage from occurring is to have your RV winterized. At Lazydays RV, our expert technicians drain your holding tanks and add anti-freeze throughout your RV to prevent any ice buildup. Appliance winterization is an additional service offered and follows a similar process.

2: Engine Maintenance

For motorhome owners, engine maintenance is vital no matter the time of year. During winter travel, it takes on special importance. A broken down engine in winter terrain can spell serious trouble if not addressed beforehand. Our service experts recommend RVers have their engines serviced at least once per year and winter can be a great time to get this done. Completing your RV engine maintenance in the winter can help prevent breakdowns, ease weather transitions for your engine, and reduce engine strain.

At Lazydays RV, our expert technicians can help ensure your engine is in top shape with our RV maintenance specials. Our engine oil and filter service help ensure your engine runs smoother than ever. We’ll replace your engine oil whether it’s a gas or diesel engine, replace the engine oil filter, and apply lubricant throughout the entire chassis. We also offer an additional filter change service that covers the hydraulic, fuel, and coolant filters. These are offered in addition to our great motorhome service packages!

3: RV Battery Maintenance

Besides the engine and overall winterization, the battery another essential service you’ll want to take care of during the winter. For RVers planning on traveling during the winter, the battery is a vital piece of equipment. It not only helps power your engine but also helps provide power to your heater and outlets in tandem with the generator. A busy summer of travel and AC use can drain your battery and lead to corrosion build-up.

Our comprehensive battery service covers everything your RV battery needs to be in top condition. Our technicians clean the terminals, posts, and battery trays. They’ll test each battery, as well as the CCA and voltage. Top off fluid will be added, along with an anti-corrosive liquid.

To get started on these and any other RV services you may need, schedule an appointment at a Lazydays RV location near you today!

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