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The travel industry has undergone seismic changes during the year 2020.

As a result, the RV industry and RV lifestyle are poised for tremendous growth heading into 2021. Within the industry, manufacturers continue to refine already incredible RVs and introduce new technologies across the design spectrum. Heading into 2020, RV ownership and use steadily increased and has only continued to do so. Fueled by growth amongst millennials, the RV lifestyle is more popular than ever.

To use a financial term, 2021 is going to be a buyer’s market for RVs. In addition to the reasons we mentioned above, RV travel has increasingly become a more popular and viable option for families. With your travel mode and accommodation combined, you won’t need to spring for a pricey hotel stay.

In this post, we’ll cover a few of the many reasons why 2021 will be a great year to join the RV lifestyle. From the technological advancements seen in newer models to the convenience of RV travel, learn more about the future of RVing!

1: 2021 Will Be A Buyer’s Year

From a numbers perspective, 2021 is looking up for the RV industry. While 2020 marked a difficult year for the broader travel industry, the RV industry saw substantial growth across the board. A recent market outlook report highlighting projections for 2020-2025 expects the global RV market to grow by 7% during that period. This sunny outlook is fueled in part by increased US demand, specifically amongst millennials. Additionally, the number of households who identified as “active campers” increased by 1.4 million in 2018, which has helped fuel demand for RVs.

For the average RVer, this is tremendous news. Increased growth allows manufacturers to funnel additional resources into research, design, and development, enhancing the overall RV experience. An improved market also helps buyers by keeping competition high and prices stable, make the RV lifestyle more accessible than ever before.

2: Improved Technology in RVs

Over the past decade or so, the RV industry has seen tremendous technological growth, and that will most certainly be the case in 2021. As we’ve previously discussed, the RV experience of today is not what it used to be. From advanced sound systems to more sustainable materials, the industry is advancing at an incredible pace.

Three areas that highlight just how advanced today’s RVs are include solar and smart technology. Solar technology has been around in the industry for some time, but it’s become increasingly commonplace across the industry. Solar equipped (or prepped) trailers and motorhomes can be found across the entire suite of model types. Solar offers an excellent complement to your RV’s existing power base and can help take the brunt off of your generator during high usage trips. As the technology improves, we’re likely to start seeing RVs completely powered by solar.

Even more exciting is the rise of smart and autonomous technology in RVs. These new technologies are designed to make RVing safe and easier than ever before and can be found throughout today’s rigs. A great example is Keystone RV’s LoadSafe system, a prototype onboard weighing system that accurately displays the load-displacement on the axles and hitch. Airstream’s Smart Control Technology can be found in many of their travel trailer models. With the SmartControl app, RVers can remotely monitor and control a suite of systems from the lighting to propane tanks. The app connects to a range of devices including smartphones and connected TVs.

3: The Freedom of RV Travel

Americans love to travel. According to data from the U.S. travel association, Americans spent $972 million on domestic travel, which was an increase of 4.4% from the previous year. While those numbers will be down this year, RVing is one of the few travel methods that has seen growth, and will likely continue to grow into the next few years. Long-time RVers will not find this surprising. Unlike other modes of travel, the actual “travel” part of an RV trip is one of the most fun parts of the RV experience.

For starters, RV travel is much more hassle-free. Planning is important but gets much easier after your first few RV trips (we’ll say it again, make lists!). Even so, the planning process can be as simple as packing a suitcase and picking a destination. You’ll also get to spend quality time with your family during the journey. Some of the most memorable parts of an RV trip are those random pit stops along the way.

RVs also allows for freedom in terms of the choice of destination. You can RV just about anywhere in the US, from the beach to the mountains and anywhere in between. An RV trip can take you from the slopes of Aspen to the sun-kissed hills of Sedona and back. Feeling like spending a weekend at the beach? Do a little research on available RV parking near your closest beach, pack a towel and some sunscreen (and a few other things), and hit the road!

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