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The RV lifestyle means different things to many people.

To some, it’s a fun weekend hobby. To others, it’s something they’ve worked their whole lives toward. Amongst the many ways the RV lifestyle positively impacts RVers across the country, you’ll find one common bond that frequently links them together: community. Whether you’re a part-time tailgater or a full-timer RVing all over the country, RVers are part of a shared community of tens of thousands of people. Like any community, the RV community looks out for one another. One of the many ways RVers look out for their fellow RV enthusiasts is by responsibly RVing.

Responsible RVing takes many forms, but one way in which each RVer can do their part is through eco-friendly RVing. Being outdoors is a huge part of the RV lifestyle. From national parks to hidden streams, RVing allows people to explore the wonders of nature in comfort and at their own pace. To ensure these beautiful places are there for the next generation of RVers to enjoy, the RV industry continues to make advancements in the world of sustainable RVing. From improved fuel-efficiency to the emergence of solar power, modern RVs represent a positive trend toward environmentally friendly RV practices. In this guide, we’ll talk about a few ways RVers can lessen their impact on the environment, highlight a few great sustainable products to add to your shopping list, and much more!

Sustainable RVing Is Easier Than You Think

Without knowing, many RVers are contributing to a more sustainable RV lifestyle and sustainable living, in general. Fuel-efficiency has been a point of contention since motorhomes and towable RVs are larger than standard cars. Class B motorhomes and pop-up campers, however, buck this trend by being some of the lightest vehicles in the RV family. Lighter materials are being used across the industry, in all types of RVs. These engineering practices provide multiple benefits beyond improving fuel-efficiency and include reducing long-term engine wear and tear, improved performance on graded roads, and reduced costs.

Off the road, RVing is an incredibly low-impact way to live. RVs use less power, water, and propane than the average household. Since RVs typically feature common household systems, albeit, in a much smaller package, fewer resources will be used. In addition to these second-hand methods, RVers can make small changes to their routines to lessen their environmental impact. A few of these include:

  • Using natural airflow to cool your RV: Whether you’re plugged into external power or using your generator, your RV’s AC unit requires a good deal of power. To reduce your impact on a campground grid or save generator charge, keep your RVs windows open throughout the evening and use natural airflow to keep your RV cool. As a bonus, you’ll reduce the wear on your AC unit, so it can be used during more critical instances, such as during a drive through a hot climate.
  • Add solar power to your RV: Solar power is a great way to take some of the power resource load off your generator and operate your RV more sustainably. Many of today’s new RVs, across all model types, feature pre-installed solar panels or come equipped with the proper hookups.
  • Proper waste disposal: Recycling is one sustainable activity that has been a staple for years and is incredibly easy for RVers to adopt. If you’re boondocking, try and hold onto your recyclables until you reach an area where you can properly dispose of them. For full-timers, a portable compost bin is a great add-on and allows you to responsibly reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Buying RV-friendly products: Making slight changes to your normal shopping habits can be a great step forward towards more sustainable RVing. A few quick purchases can include RV/Marine dissolvable toilet paper and LED lightbulbs. RV/Marine dissolvable toilet paper helps to reduce your overall waste (and helps you make fewer trips to dispose of your waste), while LED lightbulbs keep your RV cooler and brighter while using less energy.

Lazydays RV Is Here to Help

Beyond adding sustainable practices to your regular RV routine, RVers can contribute to a more sustainable RV lifestyle through regular service and using environmentally friendly products. Lazydays RV is proud to sell a variety of great, sustainable products including:

  • Crystal Simple Green: This EPA registered, all-purpose cleaner is great for a variety of applications. Whether you’re cleaning stains from solid surface countertops or your bathroom, this product is safe, environmentally friendly, and incredibly efficient.
  • Hylle Holding Tank Tech Treatment: Using living microorganisms, this tank treatment liquefies solid waste and sludge for easy removal.
  • Culligan Water Filter: Remove sediment, odor, and unpleasant tastes from your tap with a faucet water filter. These handy accessories also help you reduce use of plastic water bottles (but make sure to keep a case handy for emergencies).
  • Mildew Odor Control Bag: Get rid of odors, mildew and more with this useful, environmentally friendly accessory.

Regular maintenance of your RV contributes to a more sustainable industry in several ways. First, properly maintaining your engine and fuel systems ensure that both run as efficiently as possible. A poor performing engine and/or fuel system not only wastes fuel, it also costs you more money at the pump and the shop. Other services include

  • Engine Oil & Filter Service: Keep your motorhome operating at peak performance and prevent extensive repairs with Lazydays RV’s engine oil and filter service. In addition to replacing your engine oil and filters, our technicians will provide a complete chassis lube.
  • Roof AC Service: Stay comfortable all summer long with Lazydays RV’s roof AC service. This fantastic service package keeps future repair costs down, improve your interior air quality, and ensure your AC unit is ready when you need it most.
  • Premium RV Generator Service: Ensure your RV generator is performing up to standard with this comprehensive service package. Oil filter replacement, an oil change, and exhaust inspection are all included!

To learn more about Lazydays RV’s selection of the latest towable RVs and motorhomes, RV accessories, and service packages, contact us today or visit a Lazydays dealership near you!

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