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The RV lifestyle is all about enjoying life at your own pace.

Right off the bat, RVers get to enjoy the RV lifestyle by having a variety of RVs to choose from and selecting the one that fits them best. Each type of towable RV and motorhome offers a unique travel and vacation experience. The smallest class of RV available at Lazydays RV, the pop-up camper, represents many of the qualities that make RVing special. Innovative design and engineering come together to provide an incredible experience for owners and allows them to experience travel in a way they will not find anywhere else.

As the name suggests, one of the best ways to enjoy RVing in a pop-up camper is to go camping. RV camping in a pop-up camper blends the best aspects of traditional camping with the RV lifestyle to create a one-of-a-kind experience. In this helpful guide, we’ll cover all things pop-up campers. From their unique designs and features to the best ways to enjoy them, this guide will show RVers both new and experienced the wonders of pop-up campers.

Pop-Up Campers 101

For new RVers taking their first look at a pop-up camper, two questions generally come to mind. Seeing one on the road, you might be thinking it looks like a box on wheels. Second, you may be asking “is that just a tent with wheels?” One of the core tenants of RV design and the RV lifestyle is making the most out of a little. You’ll see this design philosophy across the full spectrum of RVs. From slide outs in Class A motorhomes to rear doors that turn into backyard patios on fifth wheels, the motorhome or RV that you see on the road is not often what you’ll see in the campground.

Pop-up campers epitomize this philosophy. Also known as tent trailers or fold-out campers, pop-up campers feature a flexible construction (canvas is the most commonly used material) that allows the main living and sleeping areas to be folded in and out as needed for towing and camping. As such, pop-up campers are some of the lightest towable RVs available today. Standard SUVs and pick-up trucks will comfortably tow most pop-up campers. Depending on the model you have, a mid-size sedan may even be able to tow certain campers. The great towability of pop-up campers also means you’ll save money at the gas-pump since you will be putting less strain on the tow car.

Don’t let their compact size fool you though, pop-up campers feature dedicated sleeping, living, and cooking areas just like their larger towable cousins. Two beds are a standard feature with pop-up campers. Almost always located at the opposite ends of the campers, the size of both beds will vary based on the model you choose. Depending on the size of the beds, a pop-up camper can sleep anywhere from 2-4 people, making larger models incredibly efficient for their size. The middle section of the camper features a dining area, with a booth dinette or L-shaped seating being the typical configuration. In certain larger models, the booth dinette may be housed in a slide-out. Kitchens include a small range (2-3 burners), with a small fridge and sink. A “swing galley”, in which the sink can shift from the top of the kitchen unit to the floor, is a common kitchen feature. Other features found throughout various models of pop-up campers include an awning, outdoor range, or gas grill and extended storage. Toilets and showers are features that vary from model to model

Built for the Outdoors

The incredible features found in the compact frame of a pop-up camper, along with their attractive pricing, make them a favorite amongst RVers both new and experienced. Beyond easy drivability, great savings, and other tangible benefits, pop-up campers are a great union of the RV and traditional camping lifestyles. While they may look like “tents on wheels”, pop-up campers are so much more. Across the board, RVs are great for all types of outdoor adventure, but the pop-up camper stands out. Their compact size makes them easy to park in just about any environment and allows RVers to have a lessened impact on the natural environment. Comfortable bedding, a well-equipped kitchen, and other features, such as an awning, create a relaxing campsite that’s perfect for spending some downtime after a long day of adventure.

Pop-up campers are best equipped for a shorter trip of a weekend getaway or a even a few weeks. However, ingenious RVers who optimize their storage can extend a trip to over a month. Perfect for fall, spring, and summer trips, there’s no limit to where you can take your pop-up. From the lake to the desert, the choice is yours. Due to their lightweight construction, maintaining a steady indoor temperature is more dependent on the outside climate compared to other RVs. Winter camping is possible if you are equipped and feel safe doing so.

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