By Lazydays

Check out these tips for keeping your RV cool in warmer weather.

While summertime is a big season for RVing, it’s also a warmer time of the year. If you find yourself RVing in some warmer weather, you’ll want to take steps to keep cool. Your RV’s air conditioner can keep things cooler, and there are additional steps you can take to help cool your RV down no matter the weather.

Keeping Your RV’s AC in Shape

Your RV’s air conditioner is key to keeping things cool and comfortable. Before summer gets here or before hitting the road, get a seasonal RV inspection that includes AC upkeep. Small maintenance steps, such as cleaning the filter or changing fluids, may be needed for your air conditioner. Our RV service experts can help keep your RV’s AC running smoothly. Make sure to regularly service your RV’s AC so you can count on it in the warmer summer months.

How to Keep an RV Cool Without AC

While your AC will help keep your RV cool and comfortable, there are other steps you can take to help relieve some of the burden that’s on your air conditioner. A little planning and creativity can help keep your RV cooler with or without AC.

To cool your RV, make sure to:

  • Open up all the awnings when you’re set up to camp. Awnings can shade your windows and help protect excess heat from entering the rig through the windows.
  • Avoid cooking inside your RV, especially during the hottest part of the day. Cooking can create a lot of heat which will be difficult to cool down if your AC isn’t running.
  • Park in a shady spot. Many areas, such as our Tampa RV resort, offer shaded areas that will help reduce the amount of direct sunlight that’s hitting your RV.
  • Open the windows for circulation. If you’re not running your air conditioner, open the RV’s windows so that air can better circulate throughout the rig.
  • Keep your insulation in good shape. Our experts can check seals, gaskets, and your RV’s insulation to ensure everything is in great shape. If your RV’s AC is running, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not losing any cooled air through bad insulation.
  • Use LED lighting. LED light bulbs typically create less heat than incandescent bulbs, so make sure your RV is using LED lighting to prevent lighting from heating up your RV, motorhome, or camper.
  • Protect windows. Reflective sun shades are a great way to keep too much of the sun’s warmth from entering your RV. Use shades on larger windows, such as a motorhome’s windshield, to help keep heat out.

How Do You Insulate an RV in the Summer?

Insulation can help keep your RV at its desired temperature all summer long. Your RV already has insulation within its walls, but there are some additional ways to help keep the cool air inside your RV.

To insulate your RV in the summer, make sure to keep windows closed when the AC is on. You can also add tinting to your windows to help reduce the UV rays that enter the rig. You should ensure that the frames around windows and doors are properly sealed, as you may lose cool air through gaps in these areas.

Keeping a Campervan Cool in the Summer

Campervans also require additional steps to stay cool in the summer. They are a little different to cool down than larger RVs or campers because of their smaller shape. The same steps of using shade and awnings can help ensure your campervan stays cool. You can also cool down your Class B RV by using a portable air conditioner and using reflective shades or window tinting.

Visit your local Lazydays RV dealership to learn more about keeping your RV cool in the summer!