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Check out these popular RV upgrades and find tips for modernizing your RV!

Homeowners routinely refresh their homes with new features and upgrades, and RVs are no different! There are many RV upgrades that can help increase the enjoyment and value of your RV. New accessories, updated interiors, and usability updates are common RV upgrades. Learn more about the most popular RV upgrades and contact our RV experts for help updating your RV!

How Do I Modernize My RV?

RVs have been around for decades, taking families on vacations and as far as the open road will go. But older RVs may start to show their age as interior design, electronics, and RV features change. If you love your RV but would like to modernize it, there are some updates that can help.

RV interior remodeling can update the entire look of your RV to modernize it. Depending on the remodeling project, an updated interior can also increase the usable interior space of your RV, update your organization, and increase the value of your RV. This is the most popular RV upgrade for motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and more.

In addition to remodeling, you can modernize your RV by updating the kitchen with new features and adding electronics that may be missing in older models. Our RV accessories store is packed with lighting, awnings, tanks, appliances, and added items that can quickly modernize your RV.

The Most Common RV Upgrades

When it comes to updating your RV, some of the most popular RV upgrades are also the most practical. When you’re updating an older RV, you may want to include features that came out after the RV hit the market. These are some of the most popular RV upgrades, which include:

  • Installing a wireless back up camera and side cameras for larger motorhomes.
  • Adding solar panels on the RV’s roof.
  • Switching out mattresses for new ones and updating bedroom furniture.
  • Getting new bathroom accessories, such as a porcelain toilet or glass shower doors.
  • Adding LED lighting underneath the RV or outside of it for outdoor living.
  • Replacing appliances with new ones, such as new TVs.
  • Updating the mount for towable RVs.
  • Replacing interior light bulbs with LED lighting.

Some RVers also update their campers and motorhomes with DIY touches. This may include creating a small gallery wall with family photos, updating paint, and adding personalized storage solutions.

When to Trade-In an RV Instead of Upgrading

You’re likely looking to upgrade your RV because it’s missing features or designs you’d like to have. While upgrading your RV with DIY and professionally completed projects can help modernize it, there are some situations where it’s best to make the switch to a newer RV.

If your current RV doesn’t have room for the whole family or if it’s missing fundamental features, like toy hauler storage, it’s time to upgrade! You can trade-in your RV at Lazydays RV and upgrade to the RV of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!