By Lazydays

Plan your road trip food with these money-saving make-ahead meals for your road trip!

While there are plenty of road trip ideas for top destinations to visit, finding road trip meal planning advice can be a bit tougher. If you’re hitting the road and you’d like to bring some make-ahead road trip food, check out these tips!

Saving Money with Make-Ahead Meals for Your Road Trip

These days, budget is a big concern for families of all sizes. Making road trip food ahead of time can help cut down on food costs for your vacation, and ensure that everyone has their favorite foods on the road. While there are plenty of delicious cross-country road trip foods to try, you may also want to enjoy some meals or snacks in the RV.

Some of our favorite budget-friendly homemade road trip snacks include:

  • Classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Trail mix, which you can make yourself with your favorite flavors.
  • DIY hummus, which relies on your food processor to combine canned chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, cumin, salt, and olive oil. Blend together in your food processor and you’ve got a great snack! You can make this right on the RV or make it at home and store in the fridge for your drive.
  • Baked veggie chips. Your RV’s convection microwave can quickly make a delicious plate of baked chips. Whether you choose traditional thinly sliced potatoes or opt for other vegetables, this is an easy road trip snack that you can also make-ahead.
  • Ice popsicles, which you can make before you hit the road and store in the freezer of your RV kitchen. Add frozen berries or pureed fruit for extra flavor!

Many of these RV road trip snacks are easy to make ahead of time and can be easily stored in your RV for enjoyment anywhere on the road. Unique RV kitchen appliances make it easy to get creative with your homemade road trip snacks! Saving money on road trip food has never been easier than with your RV.

Easy Make-Ahead Road Trip Food

When you’re hitting the road in an RV, enjoying make-ahead road trip food is much easier to enjoy. Your RV’s kitchen area maybe be a full residential-style kitchen, a small galley kitchen, or a simple outdoor kitchen. Whether your RV’s kitchen is fully-equipped or a more direct setup, it’s still easy to enjoy next-level make-ahead road trip foods. You don’t need to worry about no-ice or non-perishable road trip food when you’re taking the drive in an RV. You can enjoy small-scale or easy reheating meals that are stored in the fridge while you’re driving.

Our favorite make-head road trip food for RVs includes meals such as:

  • Slow cooker chili. This can be made with mushrooms as vegan chili, or traditionally. Just make sure that your slow cooker is secured if you’re hitting the road while the recipe is cooking. Get the recipe here.
  • Wraps or roll-ups. Wraps are a quick and easy meal you can make ahead and enjoy at any destination. Combine your favorite cold cuts for a lunchtime wrap, bring eggs and bacon for a breakfast wrap, or grill up some skirt steak for a dinnertime wrap. You can also try out this chicken avocado roll-up recipe.
  • Pizza casserole. You can quickly pop a casserole back into your convection microwave for heating at the campsite. It’s a hearty meal the whole family can enjoy, full recipe here.
  • Mason jar salads. These adorable and portable salads are perfect for the RV! You can combine your favorite salad ingredients into a jar to enjoy on the road later. Try out this black bean, cucumber, and feta jar salad recipe!

Searching for more road trip ideas? Check out our RV lifestyle blog for more tips, tricks, and updates in the world of RVing!