By Lazydays

Check out these mobile gardening tips for interior and exterior RV gardening!

Whether you’re full-timing or enjoying a long-haul vacation, a little greenery can make any RV feel like home. Plants can help clean your RV’s indoor air, making them a useful and beautiful addition to your RV decor. But gardening in your camper requires a little planning to keep things growing. We’re sharing tips for mobile gardening in your RV. You’ll be a happy camper with these RV gardening tips and tricks!

What to Know About RV Gardening

RV gardening is just that, gardening in or around your RV. RV gardening includes plants that you always keep inside your RV and others that you bring outside when you’re camping.

Yes, RV gardening differs from traditional gardening, but it’s just as rewarding and fun. It can bring fresh air into your RV, make any RV resort feel just like home, and liven up your camper interior any time of the year.

Unlike a traditional outdoor garden, your outdoor RV garden must be mobile, so any plant beds, soil, or other features need to be easily moved to your next destination without disturbing the growing process. If you are keeping plants inside of your RV full-time, there are other considerations to keep in mind, such as making sure plants are in a well-lit area of the RV.

How Do You Get Plants in an RV?

There are tons of easy ways to bring plants into your RV! As with any RV decor, make sure that any plants and planters are secured while the RV is in motion, and consider placing the planter in a bucket or watertight container if you’ve just watered it before hitting the road.

There are several ways to bring plants into your RV year-round:

  • Add a well-secured hanging plant to a low-traffic area of the RV.
  • Install a shelf with holes in it that hold planters securely.
  • Consider countertop gardening with a small herb garden that you place in the sink while the RV is in motion.
  • Use planters that are affixed to the wall.
  • Choose an area of the RV that receives a lot of natural light.
  • Make sure the plants are in a spot where they cannot leak water onto important electronics or documents.

Tips for Outdoor Mobile Gardening

If you have an RV garden that you’re looking to bring outside when you’re camping, make sure to start with a good container. Keep your mobile garden in an easy-to-carry container that you can easily fit through your RV doors. Many RVers who are mobile gardening use a large plastic bin that they place potted plants within. The potted plants are self-contained when you’re in the RV, and the large plastic bin will catch any water or soil that may spill out. For extra security, tightly pack the potted plants in your mobile gardening bin when you’re driving so they’re less likely to move around.

When you’re at your destination, make sure to arrange your plants outside in an area that brings the right light. Some plants need direct sunlight, while others benefit from less light, so make sure to give your plants the light they need. If you’re watering your plants that day, water them right when you get to your destination so the soil is drier when you’re driving again.

Campers Perfect for Mobile Gardening

Mobile gardening can help any RV feel more homelike and comfortable. If you’re looking for larger plants in your RV, a toy hauler is a perfect way to bring all of your favorite plants along for the ride, and some travel trailers feature patios that are great for mobile gardening. Make sure to keep plants secure while you’re in motion, no matter what kind of RV you’re gardening in. Contact us today to find your dream RV for all of your RV gardening!