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In just the past 10 years, the RV industry has undergone incredible technological changes.

From Bluetooth™ stereos to aerodynamic, lightweight materials, today’s RVs are a marvel of modern engineering. These developments have led to advancements across the industry and helped to improve the RV lifestyle for millions of RVers across the country. RVing is safer and more accessible to more people than ever before. Simply put, there’s been no better time to start RVing than right now.

In part three of our guide to choosing an RV for your family, we’ll look under the hood (so to speak) of what makes today’s RVs the modern marvels they are. This comprehensive guide to all things RV technology will cover the incredible features found in the latest towable RVs and motorhomes from front to back. You’ll learn about the latest ways in which motorhomes are safer and easier to drive, how you’re able to watch Netflix in the middle of the woods, and much more. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Innovation from Ceiling to Floor

One area where RV manufacturers across the country continue to innovate is in the materials used to build motorhomes and towable RVs. As RVers know, the weight of a towable or coach affects how it handles on the road. In the RV industry, designers and engineers are constantly searching for ways to make RVs lighter without sacrificing strength and safety. As a result, today’s towable RVs and motorhomes are easier to drive, perform better on sloped roads, and are safer than ever before.

In addition to being safer and easier to drive or tow, modern RVs are built to be comfortable in many different types of environments. With RVing becoming a year-round hobby, manufacturers are building rigs that can withstand an incredible range of temperatures and climates. Tiffin Motorhomes' latest line of Allegro Class A Motorhomes, for example, features a one-piece, moisture-resistant roof cap construction. These fiberglass roof caps are designed to provide improved strength, insulation and drastically reduce leaks. They also feature smart slide technology, in which slide outs are constructed as single fiberglass units. This streamlined design makes the slide outs air and watertight while keeping their profile almost invisible when closed. Other innovations hidden from view include fantastic amenities like floor heating, steel cab frames, automotive-grade sealants, enhanced water tank monitoring, and more.

The Ultimate Driving Experience

There’s nothing quite like driving a motorhome. In terms of pure fun, it’s hard to beat the experience of driving a motorhome on the way to an RV adventure. The RV lifestyle is all about comfort, and RVers will find that and more when they get behind the wheel of the latest Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Innovations in seat design, steering, dashboard display, and information/entertainment technology have made the RV driving experience safer and more enjoyable for RVers of all experience levels.

Since you’ll be spending more than a few hours driving your motorhome, manufacturers have designed RV seats to be more comfortable than your standard car seat. Additional lumbar support, seats with multiple points of adjustments (think 4+), high-quality materials and more can be found in modern RV cabs. A passenger-side workstation is another common feature found across motorhome classes, with different models and manufacturers including a wide variety of additional features like charging ports, adjustable or fold-out desks, and more.

The dashboard and radio/display sections are where RVers will truly be amazed. Gone are the days of constantly searching for a radio signal and having your front seat passenger act as a navigator. Touchscreen infotainment centers are becoming more and more popular in modern motorhomes. Combining navigation, AM/FM radio, satellite radio, camera displays, and more, infotainment centers allow RVers to manage a wealth of critical systems right from a single screen. Many use touchscreens, but voice control is an exciting new feature being introduced. A few example models include the Winnebago Forza Class A motorhome and the Winnebago View Class C motorhome.

Features So Incredible You’ll Never Want to Leave Your RV

We’ve covered what’s in the front of RVs and what they're made of, so now let’s get to the fun stuff: interior features. If you’re expecting a few paragraphs about TVs, you’re not entirely wrong. The overall quality and number of TVs RVers will find in today’s latest models is incredible, but there are also so many more incredible technologies that enhance the RV experience. To start with TVs, RVers need not worry about being able to watch their favorite movie, TV show or sports team when they’re on the road. These days, HDTVs are an all but standard feature in most modern RVs. Class A motorhomes and Fifth Wheels can feature as many as four onboard TVs. Exterior entertainment centers (a combination of a TV and stereo system) are a popular feature, especially amongst RVers who enjoy tailgating. Blu-Ray®/DVD players are another accessory typically included in larger motorhomes and towable RVs.

An exciting area of RV innovation that has tremendous benefits for modern RVers is the addition of Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities. With telecommuting becoming a more popular choice for many and streaming services replacing traditional media, having strong Wi-Fi capabilities is becoming a more important feature for RVers. One manufacturer leading this charge is Keystone RV, who has begun to include 4G LTE and Wi-Fi prep with standard AM/FM/UHF/VHF reception. Keystone RVs also feature KeyTV™, an integrated dashboard for RVers to manage their over-the-air, cable, and satellite TV feeds in one location.

In another exciting development, “smart home” technology has become increasingly popular in the RV industry. Control panels are a common feature across different classes of RV and motorhome and serve as a do-it-all hub where RVers can control multiple parts of the electrical system. Smart control panels allow users to control and monitor everything in the RV from leveling to lighting. These systems cut down the time it takes to manage the many systems found in an RV and allow you to spend more time enjoying the RV lifestyle. Forest River RVs feature several different types of “smart” control systems across their diverse selection of RVs, which you can find at all Lazydays RV locations!

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