By Lazydays

A new housing trend has emerged in the past few years that may come off as surprising: downsizing.

For millennials, a bigger home does not always mean better. If you are looking to downsize, the choice boils down to living in a tiny home or living in an RV. At Lazydays RV, we know a thing or two about the RV lifestyle, so here are 5 reasons an RV is better than a Tiny Home:

1. RVs Are Mobile

Reason #1 and one of the best things about the RV lifestyle, is the freedom to go anywhere. With an RV, you can live wherever you like. Not a fan of rain, but love the Pacific Northwest? Live in Oregon in the summer and head for a sunnier state like Arizona or Florida for the winter. Looking for beautiful mountain views from your front porch? Head to Denver, Colorado. With an RV, the possibilities are limitless.

2. RVs Make the Most Out of Space

Tiny homes and RVs both do the best to offer the most amenities of a standard home. RVs offer options like slide outs, stowable sleeping areas, pull-out TVs, hidden storage and more. In an RV, a dual-purpose space like an ATV or motorcycle garage can double as a bedroom, or the exterior wall can turn into an outdoor living room!

3. Options, Options, Options

Whatever your housing needs, there’s an RV for you. Class A motorhomes offer the epitome of RV luxury, style and comfort. Class A’s feature amenities not found in tiny homes like full-sized refrigerators, washer/dryer combo units and fireplaces. Class B and Class C motorhomes offer similar features found in Class A models on a more compact, easier to drive chassis.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels are spacious enough to fit a family and can be towed with a truck or large SUV. Pop-ups and truck campers are perfect for one or two people looking for maximum mobility.

4. Not Having to Deal with the Extra Hassles of Home Ownership

The RV lifestyle is all about comfort, relaxation and fun. Owning a tiny home can be a great way to downsize, but it still comes with some of the hassles of owning a regular-sized home. Tiny homes need to follow building codes and city zoning regulations, they require home insurance and even a mortgage. RV insurance is easy to buy and covers all liabilities associated with driving, maintaining and living in an RV.

5. An Incredible Community

The RV lifestyle enlists you in an amazing community of people from all walks of life. Whether you’re on vacation at a place like the Lazydays RV Resort or living somewhere more permanent, you’re never too far from fellow RVers who are passionate about the RV lifestyle. Whether it’s sharing road trip ideas or recipes, the RV lifestyle offers an incredible sense of community.

These are just a few of the great reasons why living in an RV is better than living in a tiny home. For more on the RV lifestyle, check out our blog for tips, vacation ideas and more! Interested in renting or purchasing an RV? Check out Lazydays RV Rental or browse our inventory of new and used RVs for sale today!