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Summer RVing represents everything we love about the RV lifestyle.

Outdoor grilling, relaxing under an RV awning after a long day of adventure, and enjoying a movie inside surrounded by family and friends are all hallmarks of a summer RV trip. With peak RV season in full swing, RVers will have one challenge to contend with: the heat. From the humidity of Florida to the dry heat of Arizona, summer RVing means dealing with summer weather. Thankfully, modern RVs are equipped with many different means of keeping the interior cool and comfortable throughout the day. Check out these 5 tips to help keep your RV cool during the summer!

1. Annual AC Maintenance

    When venturing out in your RV for some summer fun in the sun, you need to make sure your creature comforts, like air conditioning, are working effectively and efficiently. To keep your AC unit in good condition, annual maintenance is a MUST. A yearly inspection and maintenance are important to ensure there is no debris or build up that can bog down the system and/or negatively impact the quality of air. For more AC Maintenance information, check out this video:

    Lazydays RV A/C maintenance

    Keep in mind that there are other systems throughout your RV are just as important to maintain and work with your AC unit, including your RV batteries and generator. The batteries provide power while you’re driving and the generator kicks in while the RV is parked. At Lazydays RV, our premium RV generator service includes generator oil and filter replacement, along with a comprehensive inspection of the generator exhaust. Also, we offer roof AC maintenance and battery service packages. If you haven’t already done so, schedule an appointment at your nearest Lazydays RV location to have your RV in top shape throughout the summer!

    2. Window Shades Will Be Your Best Friend

      As an energy- and cost-efficient way to keep your RV cool while not moving, window shades are inexpensive, easy to install, and readily available. Many modern RVs come standard with window shades or blinds, but you can purchase additional ones for your side, rear and front windows. A large, solar foil windshield cover is a great purchase that will help keep the cockpit and passenger area cool while you stop for lunch or are parked for a longer time. When you do reach your destination, make sure to let all your blinds or shades down and keep them down for the remainder of your trip. While it may be a little darker in the mornings and afternoons, your RV will stay cool for longer and you won’t have to run the AC as often. 

      3. Keep an Eye on the Horizon When Parking

        After a long day on the road, most of us want to park, turn the engine off, open a lawn chair and relax. Taking the extra step of parking your RV in the right direction can make a huge difference when dealing with the heat. When you arrive at the campground, lake, park, or wherever you’re RVing, look for shade and the direction in which the sun is coming from. Parking underneath a cluster of trees or other cover will naturally keep your RV cooler. If no shade is available, try angling your RV so the smallest number of windows are being directly hit by the sun. Paired with a sturdy window cover, this extra step can make a world of a difference. At night, keep your windows open to allow natural airflow through your RV.

        4. Change out Your Light Bulbs

          One unlikely heat source during the summer is right above your head. Incandescent light bulbs have been around forever and are still quite popular today. One drawback of these types of bulbs is that they run quite hot. While one light is barely noticeable, an RV full of incandescent light bulbs is a bit warmer when they’re all on. LED lights, while a tad pricier, run much cooler, use less energy and last longer than standard light bulbs.

          5. Go Old School and Cook Outside

            Grilling and RVing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Another way to stay cool during a hot summer night is to take the kitchen outside. Despite their small size, RV ranges and ovens still generate plenty of heat. Many of the meals you typically cook in a kitchen can be prepared on the grill. A fold-out table makes for a perfect prep station, and a gas-powered burner adds some additional cooking space. Check out a few of our handy RV recipe guides for kitchen ideas to try on your next RV trip!

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