By Lazydays

Check out these RV cleaning tips to get your RV looking like new!

RVs bring us as far as our adventures will take us, with many models even going off-road. Even if you’re driving around the corner, your RV will likely get a little dirty from the road and general mess when you’re living in your RV. Whether you’re full-timing or enjoying a quick RV road trip, you’ll need to keep your RV clean. Check out these RV cleaning tips to keep your trailer, motorhome, fifth wheel, or pop-up in great shape.

Cleaning Your RV Interior

RV cleaning involves two kinds of cleaning, with the toughest often being the inside of the RV. After all, many of today’s RVs are essentially homes on wheels, so they can get dirty just like your home does. It’s important to regularly clean and organize your RV interior just as you would your own home to avoid clutter and grime.

Follow these expert tips for cleaning your RV interior:

  • Organize the RV before deep cleaning to ensure everything is put where it belongs.
  • Clean top-down, dusting fixtures and lighting first.
  • Dust the cabinets, window treatments, and the dashboard upfront if you’re driving a motorhome.
  • Use RV cleaning products rather than products you may use to clean your home. This is because RV interiors may be more sensitive to certain harsh cleaners or abrasives.
  • Clean both sides of your windows. While you may wash the windows outside the RV, don’t forget to clean them from the inside so they really shine.
  • Wipe down high touch areas, showers, and all surfaces in the RV. Don’t be afraid to get into all the nooks and crannies, such as cup holders in the cab upfront.
  • Invest in a small handheld vacuum to easily clean the floor.

There are small steps you can take daily to keep your RV’s interior that much cleaner. A small doormat at the base of your entry steps can help keep the kids from tracking dirt inside the RV. Keeping your shoes off when you’re inside your RV will also help keep things cleaner. Many fifth wheels for sale include shoe closets by the front entry door to help keep things organized.

Cleaning Your RV Exterior

While your RV’s interior cleaning is similar to cleaning a home, cleaning the exterior is like a big-league version of cleaning a car. Your RV is out in the elements as you drive from one destination to the next, and some camping sites that you may encounter when dry camping can bring some added dirt to the exterior of your RV. Not to worry, RVs are built for this kind of use and can keep moving for years to come. That being said, your RV may need a little TLC in the form of exterior cleaning.

Follow these tips for cleaning the outside of your RV:

  • Start with a top-bottom hose down to get the first layer of grime off the outside of your RV.
  • Make sure you scrub the roof, as this can often harbor unseen dirt. Some RVs feature walkable roofs to make this easy, otherwise, you may need a ladder and an extended cleaner.
  • Use the right supplies for each area of your RV exterior, such as long brushes for the painted areas and softer fabric-based cleaners for the windows to avoid scratches.
  • Don’t forget the tires! A little elbow grease can help your wheels shine which makes your RV look that much cleaner.
  • Inspect jacks, windshield wipers, and hook-ups to ensure they’re clean and ready for the road. Remove any debris or gunk buildup to keep things safe and clean.

Your RV’s exterior may build up some dirt from the road, but it’s easy to get things clean! A little work each time you park your RV can also help keep dirt at bay, such as keeping grime out of hook-ups, ports, and other spots you use when you’re camping.

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