By Lazydays

Get your RV ready for the road with springtime RV maintenance tips and a maintenance checklist from Lazydays RV.

Spring will be here before we know it, and it will bring some of the best weather for RVing. So, whether you’ve been using your RV all winter or you’re taking it out of storage, there are some springtime focused RV maintenance steps you can take to keep things running smoothly come springtime. Get ready for your spring RVing by following our springtime RV maintenance tips.

Springtime RV Maintenance Checklist

Getting your RV ready for the spring is often a lot easier than getting it ready for the winter, as RV winterization often requires more detailed planning and frost-focused updates. Before hitting the road, follow our RV maintenance checklist:

  • If you’ve winterized your RV, consider professional RV de-winterizing.
  • Check that all batteries are full, especially if your RV has been in storage.
  • Inspect all appliances including seals and gaskets.
  • Review your RV’s plumbing system and repair any damage.
  • Top off all engine oil levels or get, an oil change, if it’s time.
  • Ensure all your tires have the right amount of air.

If your RV has been in storage all winter, your springtime RV maintenance should include an inspection of all plumbing as well to ensure there are no issues. You may also want to give your RV’s interior some extra care in the spring, such as getting things tidier with some helpful RV organization hacks.

Tips for Easy RV Maintenance

With every season, we recommend taking your RV to a professional service center for in-depth engine and component maintenance. We offer seasonal RV inspections and maintenance services to help keep your RV running at its very best. Each season provides a great opportunity to pause and give your RV regular upkeep, which can help keep your adventures going for years to come.

If it’s time to bring your RV out for springtime RVing or if you’re due for maintenance, we’re here to help! Visit us today for expert RV maintenance and springtime RV inspections.