By Lazydays

RVing is the best way to travel unplugged, easily getting to off the grid travel destinations across the country.

Technology is tethered to everything we do these days. Many of us grab our cellphones to scroll through social media or news updates right when we wake up, and we likely don’t put the phone down until the day is done. Kids are often glued to gaming systems, and smartwatches make it hard to fully disconnect. So what do you do when you’re looking for uninterrupted family time or memorable vacations free of digital distractions? Unplugged vacations are increasingly popular, with families and couples searching for an unplugged getaway that allows for genuine, tech-free connection.

We believe that unplugged vacations are best enjoyed through your RV. After all, few sights compare to the country’s wonders which can be easily seen from your RV. Whether you’re driving a fully loaded Class A diesel motorhome or a small travel trailer, enjoying an unplugged getaway is as simple as hitting the road in your RV!

RVing to Off the Grid Travel Destinations

Many travelers in search of a digital detox vacation seek out off the grid travel destinations. When you’re vacationing in nature or off the grid, there’s no need to worry about dinner reservations, transit directions, or other app-based travel plans. Once you’re set up at your dry camping spot, you just need to count on nature to lead the way. Unplugged vacations in the US are often off the grid destinations that allow families, couples, and all types of travelers to reconnect with each other and themselves.

Some of our favorite off the grid travel destinations in the US include:

  • Moab, Utah. Moab is packed with beautiful natural sights that can be enjoyed without having to check your cell phone. There are plenty of areas to camp off-grid around the city or nearby campgrounds if preferred.
  • The California Coastline. California is home to many beachfront state parks that allow camping for RVs of certain sizes. Whether you’re into watching the sunset or surfing, there’s tons of unplugged fun to be had when camping unplugged in California.
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains. This beautiful mountain range extends through several southern states including North Carolina. The mountains are stunning to drive and even more impressive to camp in.
  • Lake Superior Shoreline. This Michigan destination isn’t always on the list of off the grid travel destinations, but it should be. The shoreline includes stunning waterfalls and beautiful rock structures that are truly awe-inspiring.
  • Grand Canyon National Park. This famous destination is ideal for your unplugged getaway, with many RVing stops nearby to enjoy the park’s most beautiful sights from the comfort of your coach.

These are just a few of the spots travelers look to visit when in search of unplugged vacations in the US. There are countless destinations, sights, and places to see that can be enjoyed as a part of an unplugged getaway.

Benefits of an Unplugged Vacation

Stepping outside of your everyday routine can help reduce the stresses we all face in today’s fast-paced life. For those who have been home for a long period of time, hitting the road and enjoying some technology-free fun can be a great reset and offer a new experience that’s refreshing and relaxing. For families and couples, unplugged getaways are crucial to help rebuild genuine connections. Unplugged travelers can interact without the ding of the cell phone getting in the way. An unplugged vacation can help bring relaxation and reconnect us to what matters the most - each other.

How to Vacation Unplugged in Your RV

Vacations are about relaxing and reconnecting with ourselves and with each other. It’s often hard to do that when you’re staring at your phone screen, laptop, or other electronic devices. RVing is the perfect way to enjoy a truly unplugged vacation, with nature-focused vacations that keep everyone together for a memorable adventure.

Many RVs include kitchens that help the whole family enjoy cooking together along with communal living spaces that are ideal for family time. The whole family can enjoy board games around the dining table, stories by the campfire, and adventures on the trail.

Some motorhomes include GPS features right in the infotainment system, allowing you to navigate from one place to the next without needing to bring your cellphone into the mix. If you’re looking for a fully unplugged experience, consider buying some tried and true paper maps or travel books. You may find places you didn’t even know were on the map, and the kids will likely benefit from learning how to read a traditional paper map.

Ready to enjoy an unplugged vacation? Shop RVs for sale to find the perfect RV that will help you visit the country’s best destinations!