By Lazydays

Going on an RV road trip puts wear and tear on your RV. From boondocking in the wild, parking in dirt lots or driving through all sorts of weather, your RV goes through a lot during a road trip.

Cleaning an RV seems like a daunting process but with a few great RV cleaning products, those tasks are a breeze. From exterior wax to carpet cleaners, Lazydays RV has the RV cleaning products to keep your RV or motorhome spotless from head to toe. Check out some of our favorite RV cleaning products available from Lazydays RV Accessories & More:

Bio-Kleen™ Super Suds

This safe, effective and biodegradable cleaner takes care of the toughest dirt, grime, insect and water spots on an RV. Bio-Kleen™ features specialty polymers that leave your RV’s exterior protected and shiny while cleaning without removing existing polishes or sealants. Lazydays RV recommends that you wash the exterior of your RV at least once every 3 months or less depending on how often you RV.

Camco™ Awning Cleaner

Your RV awning protects you from the sun and rain, so you should return the favor and protect it from wear and tear. Camco™ Pro-Strength Awning Cleaner removes mold stains, dirt, road grime and tree sap from your RV awning. This product restores the awning’s appearance, is safe for all fabric types and even works great on pop-up campers. Before applying any cleaning solution, spray your RV’s awning with water. After the awning is completely dry, apply the product with a stiff brush for acrylic awnings or with a softer brush for vinyl or other fabrics.

Dometic D™ Line 26 Oz Spray Bottle Pet Stain Odor Eliminator

We all love RVing with our pets, but our furry friends are prone to making a mess sometimes. Dometic D™ Line Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator is a professional strength cleaner that removes pet stains and smells from your RV’s interior. It is safe to use on carpets and upholstery and has a refreshing, clean scent. If you are RVing with pets, especially dogs, make regular stops during your trip to let them out to use the bathroom. Maintaining a normal routine like what they experience at home keeps pets calm and relaxed on the road.

Meguiar’s One-Step Cleaner Wax

Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax cleans and protects your RV in a simple, one-step process. Using a hand towel, apply the wax to restore color, gloss and shine to your RV’s exterior. Meguiar’s provides added protection against salt air, UV rays and corrosion. RVers should wash and wax their RV at least every six months. When applying wax, focus on small sections at a time to make the process smoother and to tackle the project in steps. There is no quick way to give your RV a new coat of wax, but protecting it from harmful environmental conditions is worth the effort.

Lazydays RV Accessories & More has all your RV cleaners, chemicals and sealants to keep your RV looking brand new all year round. The Lazydays blog is your go-to for RV cleaning tips, and Lazydays RV service can help maintain your RV with RV Maintenance Specials, Motorized Service Specials and Towable Service Specials.