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Buying the right size generator for your RV is an important decision. Lazydays RV is here to help!

Choosing the right sized generator for your RV is an important purchase with many factors to consider. What type of fuel does your RV use? What size is your RV? How many appliances do you have, and what will you be running at the same time? These are all questions that factor into the RV generator buying process.

Luckily, we’re here to provide a buying guide for the right size generator for your RV. 

Power Output

Knowing how you’ll use your RV generator is the first step in your buying decision. To determine what size generator you’ll need, take note of the wattage for every appliance in your RV. Also, add together appliances you may be running together (TV and Air Conditioning, for example). Air conditioners require the most power and have a higher starting wattage as opposed to their running wattage, so use that as a starting point when determining how much power you will need.

Fuel Type & Noise

RV generators come in three fuel types: Diesel, propane and gasoline. Choosing which fuel type is right for your RV depends on many factors. Consider what type of fuel is compatible with your RV, what type it runs on if you’re replacing the generator, and what your power needs are.

For diesel generators, you can use a single fuel source for both. Diesel generators provide the added benefits of burning cleaner, the fuel is non-explosive, and they have a higher power output than propane generators.

Propane generators offer a fuel source that has a longer lasting shelf life, as well as cleaner emissions at the cost of reduced power output compared to other fuels.

Gasoline generators provide the benefits of cheaper, easier-to-find fuel. However, gasoline generators burn fuel at a faster rate than diesel and have a shorter storage life.

Noise is another factor to consider during the RV generator buying process. Not only must you consider your own comfort but also those around you! Generators can run up to 75 decibels, while quiet RV generators can run in the mid-50’s.

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