By Lazydays

Check out these RV slide out maintenance tips from Lazydays RV experts!

RV slide outs are a favorite feature of RV owners, but if they aren’t properly maintained can become a real headache. Water leaks, for example, are most commonly found at the slide seals and there are several reasons it can happen, but all are preventable with regular RV slide out maintenance. Read our guide below to learn how to keep your slide outs operating smoothly. 

There are three main components that should be inspected, cleaned and lubricated regularly:

1) Slide seals

    Regularly inspect the wipe seals on all four sides for dryness, damage or tears. Every time you move the slide in or out, make sure the slide seals flip over properly and that any debris that may have gotten lodged under the seals is removed to ensure a watertight seal. RV slide out seal maintenance simply requires cleaning and lubing of the seals. This regular maintenance will help these high-wear RV parts last.

    2) Roof cover

    Inspect the slide roof cover to ensure it is taught, and void of holes and tears. Brushing the leaves and debris off the roof cover before attempting to move the slide is recommended. Water puddles are normal after rain, so bringing in slides slowly, when wet, is also a good idea.

    3) Slide mechanism

    Whether you have a hydraulic slide mechanism or an electric slide mechanism, the maintenance is mostly the same. Do a visual inspection of all moving parts to ensure they are clean, free of debris and properly lubricated. Make sure they are used according to the manufacturer’s specifications, as proper voltage is crucial.

      Once a year, we recommend having your slides serviced by a professional RV technician. During our Slide and Jack Service, a technician will test your RV slide outs for proper operation, make any necessary RV slide out adjustments, clean the slide walls, lubricate the slide seals and slide components, inspect hydraulic lines, ensure proper operation of the control boards and clean all RV jacks. View our maintenance specials and schedule a service appointment today.