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The biggest difference between a motorhome vs. a trailer is that a motorhome has a motor and moves under its own power, while a trailer needs to be towed behind another vehicle.

Often, a trailer will also be smaller than a motorhome, but this isn't always the case; there are three different classes of motorhomes, all different sizes from each other, some of which are smaller than a large toy-hauler or camper. But which is better? The answer to whether you should choose a motorhome vs. an RV trailer depends on your needs and travel style.

Comparing Motorhomes and Travel Trailers: Key Considerations

  • Maneuverability: Some people find towing a trailer to be more straightforward than driving a large motorhome. On the other hand, a Class B motorhome is no larger than a large van, and not everyone is comfortable towing a trailer behind their vehicle.
  • Interior Space: When traveling with pets and children, you're likely to need more space than a trailer can provide, but a large motorhome should be plenty big enough. On the other hand, if you're traveling solo or as a couple, a trailer might be roomy enough and more economical.
  • Parking: A motorhome is generally easier to park at a campsite than a trailer, which needs to be maneuvered into place and then unhitched. If you're parking in a parking lot, you'll need an extra-long space with either option.
  • Bathrooms: Motorhomes usually have toilets on board, but travel trailers may or may not. Many motorhomes also have showers, as do some fifth-wheel trailers.
  • Ease of Exploration: When you use a travel trailer, you can unhitch it and leave it behind at the campsite while you run to the store or go on an excursion for the day with your vehicle. If you're driving a motorhome, you'll usually need to pack up the whole thing and take it with you; you can tow a vehicle behind a motorhome, but it's a bit trickier, and you'll need to pay close attention to the towing capacity of the motorhome.

Other Things to Think About When Comparing Motorhomes and Travel Trailers

  • Repairs to a motorhome typically cost more.
  • You will likely get more value from a motorhome than a trailer if you travel a lot.
  • Motorhomes depreciate faster than travel trailers.
  • Insurance is more costly for large motorhomes.
  • You can take a trailer to off-road campsites but not a large motorhome.

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