By Lazydays

There's lots to love about staying at one RV campground for a season.

For many RVers, the ability to travel from campground to campground and see new places is a big part of what drew them to RVing in the first place. There are tons of perks to hitting the road and adventuring, but there are also benefits to settling down at one RV campground or resort for the season.

Here are three great reasons to set down your jacks at one RV campground this season:


Depending on the size of your motorhome, you may only get eight miles per gallon and fuel expenses can add up quickly moving from campground to campground. One of the primary benefits of choosing one premier RV resort or campground for a season is that you’ll end up spending far less on gas.


Getting to know other RVers is one of the best parts of RVing but it can be hard to do if you bounce from city to city. Whether you are taking an RV vacation or living in your RV, you’ll find you can build a sense of community more easily if you stay put in one place for a while. RVers love to share stories, advice and are always willing to lend a hand.


Most RV campgrounds and premier RV resorts offer a variety of clubs and activities that guests can attend during their stay. At Lazydays RV Resort, our full-time activities coordinator has hundreds of activities planned every year. Guests who stay for longer periods enjoy taking part in clubs for sewing, quilting, woodworking, painting and more.

Consider spending an extended stay at the Lazydays RV Resort in Tampa, Florida. Our premier RV resort amenities include a screened and heated pool and hot tub, complimentary coffee, complimentary WiFi, complimentary cable TV, informative seminars and golf cart rentals. View our discounted rates for extended stays or make a reservation online now.