By Lazydays

If you've ever wondered what RV life is like from a dog's point-of-view, you'll love this blog from the perspective of Wrigley the Cocker Spaniel!

My humans and I arrived in Florida back in November. To date we have visited Fort De Soto State Park (story still to be written), Brooksville, Largo, Lake Placid (City of Murals), and Sebring, with a stay at Highlands Hammock State Park and Clermont to visit friends.

Before leaving the area we did a three-day stay at the Lazydays RV Resort in Tampa for the Tiffin Motorhomes Rally. The weekend consisted of browsing new Tiffin RVs and motorhomes , attending several RV seminars, socializing with other RVers and meeting with the Lazydays staff. But the biggest highlight for me was meeting Mr. Bob Tiffin himself! He was kind and hospitable, and it was a pleasure to have my picture taken with him.

Upon leaving the RV rally we spent one month in Polk City, Florida in a beautiful RV community called Mt. Olive North. This is a subdivision of beautiful homes with their own patios, motorhome parking and carports attached. We were quickly welcomed as part of the family, and we participated in as many functions as time permitted. It was another great taste of luxury RV living!

This is where I met a woman with a beautiful and caring personality who does many good deeds in her community. I would like to introduce Carolyn Dees to my fellow readers.

Carolyn comes from a family who raises German Shepherds and Beagles, and she has always loved my four-legged friends. Over the years she has adopted cats, dogs and even two skunks (yes de-neutralized!).

In celebration of her birthday, Carolyn and her husband hosted a birthday party with food and entertainment provided to thank people for their hospitality and support during the year. The community was invited to come celebrate with only one stipulation: The only gifts allowed were dog and cat supplies that would be distributed to shelters and humane societies in the area.

Once people arrived, the music played, people danced and sang, and the donations started to pile up. There were more than 150 friends, family members, community folks (and me!) in attendance.

The next morning, we returned to the center where the gifts were waiting to be distributed so that I could interview Carolyn. I interviewed her, took photos, and I even got to help pack two cars with donation items. Overall, there was more than 500 pounds of food, toys, health supplies, carrying cages, blankets and more, which would soon be delivered to neighboring shelters and societies in need.

With a single idea, Carolyn has started something that is beginning to spread in wondrous ways. Many people have either participated or are considering starting something similar in their own community. It’s like the movie Pay It Forward—you start something and you never know how many lives you are going to touch.

I remember reading this statement: “Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal the world will change forever!”

Yes, I know I’m a dog, but if I can write, then I can read too!

As our time together came to an end, I asked Carolyn if she had any pictures of previous deliveries to share. She said of course she did, but instead of showing them to me, she asked me, “Why don’t you go with me next week and help deliver them?”

WHAT! ME? I couldn’t believe I was invited to go deliver donations and see the end results! Of course I accepted!

A few days later, we set off for Polk County Humane Society, which is a no-kill organization. I felt like a true Santa Claus with our carload of goodies!

Upon arrival we were welcomed with open arms. We transported the donations and took pictures to document the experience. My family said they had never seen a complex that was so meticulously clean and well managed, where everyone was so busy and happy. I became a little overwhelmed (obnoxious is a better word) when I encountered so many of my furry friends, all waiting for loving homes. I left the Humane Society feeling good, knowing that Carolyn was doing great work and that I got to go along for the ride.

Thank you Carolyn for loving my four-legged brothers and sisters so much!

Until my next adventure, I’m signing off and hitting the road. Maybe I’ll see you next time I make it back to Lazydays RV for a visit!