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An RV trip with your family is a truly special experience.

From enjoying music on the long drives to time spent by the fire, family RV trips are ones that are hard to forget. As we transition to a new year, many RVers are starting to plan for a summer of RV adventure. But picking the destination is half the battle. At times, figuring out how to spend your vacation can be overwhelming. Worry not though, the RV experts at Lazydays RV are here to help with all your trip planning needs.

With this handy guide, we’ll cover a few of our favorite RV activities for the whole family. From outdoor fun to great destination events, check out 7 family-friendly activities for your next RV trip.

1: A relaxing hike

The easiest family activity to add to your list, a hike is a great way to get some exercise, take in the scenery, and stretch your legs after a long day on the road. Even better, you can go on a hike almost anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s a summer trip to the beach or a winter trip to your favorite ski area, a hike is a great way to spend a few hours together.

2: Cook a meal together in the RV

Another great activity you can fit at any time during your trip is cooking together. Cooking a family meal together is a fun way to unwind after a day of adventure and helps breakfast, lunch or dinner get there faster! If you have younger children, having them help with something as easy as washing vegetables or setting the table is plenty to get them involved. Families with older children can have them get involved in the cooking or prep process. Check out a few of our favorite recipe guides for your next family meal!

3: Go fishing

What combines hiking, meal prep, and enjoying a relaxing day outdoors? Fishing is a great way to spend quality family time together when RVing, get some sun, and even prepare dinner. Depending on where your next RV trip takes you, there are several different fishing styles to choose from. If you’re heading somewhere coastal, a charter fishing trip is an awesome way to get out on the open ocean and possibly catch some incredible fish. If you’re in the mountains, a local lake or stream is a great place to set up camp and fish. You can enjoy fly fishing, fishing from a boat/canoe, or fish from the shore. Check out our handy guide to RV fishing trips for more!

4: Spend some time in a National or State Park

This falls under a similar umbrella as hiking, but national and state parks offer that and much more. Depending on where your next trip takes you, several incredible activities can you can enjoy at national and state parks. At Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas, you can enjoy great hiking and swimming, or check out amazingly preserved dinosaur footprints. Yellowstone National Park offers just about everything from swimming to rock climbing and much more! When planning your next family RV trip, we highly recommend you check out any local state or national parks, many of which have RV parking and camping options available.

5: Enjoy a movie outside the RV

On an RV trip, we often default to watching a movie inside. A great way to put a fun spin on this is to enjoy your favorite movie outside under the stars. If you’re trip planning for the spring or summer, you can easily enjoy this activity even if you’re RV doesn’t have an exterior TV. A sheet or screen and a projector can quickly turn the outside of your RV into a movie theater. S’mores and popcorn make for the perfect snacks as well!

6: Take a spontaneous RV day trip

Sometimes, our most memorable trips are those we had no idea we were taking. A spontaneous day trip is an awesome way to add some surprise and fun to any trip. It might seem counterintuitive to plan an off-the-cuff day trip, but you can allow a day for doing nothing. Whether it’s to a national park, museum, a cool local attraction, or just a nearby town, adding some surprise into any RV family vacation always makes for some fantastic memories.

7: Enjoy a few days at an RV resort

A great way to enjoy the awesome luxuries of the RV lifestyle is to spend a few days at a full-service RV resort. The Lazydays RV Resort in Tampa, FL offers world-class amenities that are great for the entire family! From a screened and heated pool/hot tub, playground, doggie obstacle course, and much more, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy some relaxing RV time in the Florida sun!

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