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There’s nothing quite like an RV trip with your pets.

Bringing your favorite furry friends on an RV vacation adds another layer of fun to the experience and allows them to enjoy some time in the great outdoors. As we’ve mentioned before, the RV lifestyle can be well suited for pets when following the best RVing with pets tips. If you enjoy traveling in the winter, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to ensure that your pets are able to safely travel with you in your RV.

In this helpful RV travel guide, we’ll cover a few of the most important steps RVers should take while getting ready for their next winter RV trip with their pets. From packing enough blankets to heating tips, check out four tips for winter RVing with pets!

1: Make Sure Your Pet Can Travel in the Winter

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure your furry friend is ready to travel. So long as they are healthy, groomed, and well behaved, you’re set to bring them on your next cold weather RV adventure. This is especially important in the winter, as the last you would want is for your pet to be sick in the cold or runoff in the snow. When packing, you’ll want to double-check and perhaps pack extra food, any medicine they take, another leash/harness, and other essentials to ensure you’re ready for any emergency. Make sure to check with your destination regarding any restrictions for pets, where they can and can’t go, amenities, and more.

2: Warm pet clothing is a MUST

Once you’re comfortable with bringing your pet on your next winter RV trip, you’ll want to pack plenty of warm clothing, blankets, and bedding for them. Cold weather sweaters, small rain jackets, and harnesses are available for both dogs and cats. These baseline items will help keep them warm while you’re traveling and when they’re outside on walks. For dogs, you can also purchase booties if you are heading to a snowy area (and for some hilarious videos to take on your trip).

Warm blankets and bedding are also very important to have for quieter moments at night. Whether your pet sleeps in a crate/bed or with you, you’ll want to make sure they have a warm place to rest. Just bring a few extra blankets, or you can purchase a dog/cat blanket online. Heating pads are a great idea for their bed or crate to hep as well.

3: Make Sure Your RV Has Proper Heating

This goes for both you and your pets, but double-check that you’re able to keep your RV plenty warm. This is especially important at night and in the morning when the temperature is the lowest. Many new RVs are incredibly well insulated, so keeping a solid base temperature won’t require you running a heater all night and day. A space heater or two will help warm up your room or wherever they sleep. If you must leave your pet alone for a little bit, make sure to have the heat on and proper ventilation. Double-check that they have some type of coat on and enough blankets to stay warm.

4: Spend Plenty of Time With Them

Just like you would at home, spend time with your pets so that they can have a good time on vacation too. If you’re heading somewhere it’s safe to spend time outside for a while, take them on long hikes or play with them outside. For dogs especially, plenty of exercise will make them happy as can be and ensures everyone gets to enjoy a relaxing evening.

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