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The RV lifestyle is all about fun. Whether it’s adventuring in the Smoky Mountains or tailgating at a college football game, you get to choose how you want to enjoy your RV lifestyle.

During your downtime on an RV road trip, resting on the couch, while enjoying a movie or listening to music is a great way to relax in your RV. To get the most out of that time, your RV entertainment center needs to be up to the task. From having the proper TV and signal connection to a concert-ready sound system, Lazydays RV has the ultimate guide to RV entertainment systems.


When it comes to creating the ultimate RV entertainment system, your television is a great place to start. The ideal RV entertainment system has the perfect combination of the right TV and provider. Starting with TVs, RVers have their work mostly taken care of. Most RVs and motorhomes of all classes come standard with single or multiple TVs built into the interior and/or exterior of the rig. They range in size anywhere from 20” to 55” and are typically HD LED, LCD or standard flat-screen TVs. Newer RVs may come with a Smart TV that features Wi-Fi capabilities and pre-installed streaming apps. Boxy, older model CRT TVs are no longer found on new RVs.

RVers have the option to upgrade their existing TV in their RV. Whether you want to install a new or larger model or want to upgrade your TV cabinet, Lazydays RVs interior remodeling services can get the job done. For RVers looking to add another TV to their RV, install safety straps or wall mount an additional TV, the Lazydays RV Accessories & More store carries a wide range of flat-panel TVs and accessories.

Another key feature of your RV’s entertainment system is your TV’s signal source. Depending on the available features of your RV or motorhome, your choices are the following:

  • Standard Antenna: The most common TV signal source built into RVs, the standard TV antenna users the broadcast signal from a local TV station. Most RVs will feature a full-antenna system already installed or pre-built wiring and hookups that allow you to add an antenna. Signals typically come in HD and using broadcast TV is free. However, the antenna must be stowed while driving the RV. While parked, it must be placed in position toward a signal and without any obstructions to get reception.
  • Satellite: Satellite TV is another popular choice for RVers, especially those who have a satellite TV subscription at home, as major providers offer packages exclusively for RVs. For RVers without an existing satellite TV subscription, the initial cost of a dish and a receiver can be high. However, satellite TV provides the benefit of having hundreds of channel options, being able to watch TV while on the road, record shows or movies for later and more. Lazydays RV has several satellite TV systems and accessories available. Our RVIA/RVDA certified technicians can install your satellite TV system and have it ready for the road.
  • Streaming: With Wi-Fi adapters and range extenders becoming a standard feature for newer RV models, streaming is a viable option for many RVers. There are several streaming TV subscriptions available, with many that let you choose which channels you want to pay for. Other services like Netflix™ or Hulu™ provide hundreds of shows and movies to enjoy. Wi-Fi connections can be weak in remote locations and RV parks or campgrounds, with some not strong enough to support streaming.
  • Cable: Cable TV hookups are another standard feature included with many RVs and motorhomes. RVers can run into issues with using cable TV hookups at various RV campgrounds as different locations may have different cable providers, who in turn may or may not require a subscription to use.

DVD Players and Gaming Consoles

DVD and/or Blu-ray players are a must-have item in any RV entertainment system, and are typically included as a standard accessory with most larger RV classes. While satellite or streaming systems offer plenty of movie options, it’s a good idea to have a back-up in case of weak or no Wi-Fi connection. Blu-Ray players offer superb picture quality that Wi-Fi or satellite connections may not be able to provide.

Another great addition to an RV entertainment system is a gaming console. With multiple system options at a variety of price points, gaming consoles offer entertainment options for RVers of all ages. Best of all, they can be connected to your RV’s Wi-Fi to serve as a streaming center and used as a Blu-Ray/DVD player.

Sound and Radio

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or a weekend tailgater, having the right sound system is key to enjoying your RV to the fullest. Depending on the RV’s class, its standard sound system can be a few speakers or a full surround-sound system. Here are a couple of unique sound systems to consider if you’re looking to purchase a new or upgrade your existing RV:

  • Exterior Speakers: While most RVs have interior speaker systems of some kind, exterior speakers are a unique feature with great benefits. Exterior speakers add a new level of versatility to your RV. Having the option to pump up your fellow fans at a tailgate or sit outside while enjoying the view and listening to music are why RVers should give this feature a look.
  • Soundbars: An emerging feature in the RV industry, soundbars offer high-quality sound and versatility at great prices. New Class A motorhomes often feature an interior or exterior soundbar and they’re easy to install in your existing RV. Newer soundbar systems are wireless, making set-up a breeze and allowing them to come close to offering the quality of a full surround sound system.

Both the latest motorhomes and towable RVs come standard with a combination AM/FM and/or MP3 audio system. The feature is standard across all motorhome classes, but can vary between manufacturers for towables. RVers can customize their radio by adding a satellite radio system or purchasing a subscription if a system comes pre-installed. Satellite radio offers dozens of channel options including most genres of music, talk radio and sports.

For the latest RV entertainment accessories, visit a Lazydays RV accessories and more store at your local Lazydays RV dealer. If you are looking to upgrade your RV’s entertainment system, install a new satellite receiver, remodel your RV’s interior or are in need of other services, schedule a service appointment. Make sure to keep tabs on the Lazydays RV blog for the latest road trip ideas, tailgate tips and more!