By Lazydays

Before you buy your next RV, you'll want to consider whether an outdoor RV kitchen is right for you.

(Image Source: Winnebago)

When you’re thinking about buying an RV, there are many things to consider. You’ll need to decide which type of RV is right for you, which type of RV floorplans you prefer, which RV amenities you can’t live without, which RV brand best suits your needs, etc. Follow along as we explore the pros and cons of choosing an RV with an exterior kitchen.

The Perks of Outdoor RV Kitchens

Increased Cooking Flexibility

An outdoor RV kitchen provides an additional place to cook food, which can come in handy if you’re tailgating, cooking something with a distinct smell, or don’t want to heat up the inside of your RV. You can even cook outside while things are being prepared inside the RV.

Convenient Outdoor Living

Especially if you prefer to eat outside while RV camping, the outdoor RV kitchen makes it so you can avoid having to go in and out of the camper to heat up food, grab beers or fill up your water glass. No more letting cool air out or letting bugs in every time you need another drink.

More Ways to Cook

Some outdoor RV kitchens come with a swing-around grill, so you can prepare your favorite grilling recipes without having to pack, unpack and assemble your grill. RV tailgaters and campers alike will love the ability to quickly grill up some hamburgers in the open air.

The Drawbacks of Outdoor RV Kitchens

Less RV Storage Space

One of the biggest drawbacks of an outdoor RV kitchen is the space it takes up in the exterior of your RV. Oftentimes, the space utilized for the outdoor kitchen would be dedicated to RV storage, which means by choosing an outdoor kitchen, you’re losing potential storage space.

Additional Weight

Especially if trailer weight is a big concern for you, the outdoor RV kitchen might not be the right fit. Depending on your towing vehicle, it might make sense to opt out of the outdoor RV kitchen if you’re trying to maintain more lightweight options.

All RVers are different, and while some may find that the exterior RV kitchen is an essential part of the RV lifestyle, others might not use it enough to warrant the drawbacks. Regardless of what you decide, Lazydays RV has the largest selection of new and used RVs in the nation, which means you’ll find whatever you’re looking for in a motorhome or towable RV. Check out our ultimate guides to Class A motorhomes, Class C motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers and pop-up campers, and follow along with our RV lifestyle blog for even more RV tips, sales info, company news and road trip ideas.