By Lazydays

Interested in a travel trailer? This guide can help you choose the perfect RV for your next adventure.

Deciding which type of RV is right for you is a critical stop on the road to experiencing the RV lifestyle. If you’ve narrowed your search down to travel trailers, here are the things you’ll want to consider before deciding on a specific model:

What vehicle Will You Be Using to Tow your Travel Trailer?

If you’re not planning on purchasing a new vehicle to tow your travel trailer, you’ll need to consider the towing capacity of your current vehicle. While length and weights vary among the different models, some travel trailers can be towed with a minivan, SUV or truck. As the length and weight goes up, so does the towing capacity you will need in order to tow your trailer safely and comfortably.

What size travel trailer do you need?

While towability is obviously one of the utmost concerns, you’ll also want to consider how much space you’ll need to be comfortable during your travels. With an array of floor plans, sizes and amenities, the sleeping capacity of a travel trailer can range from four to nine, which is comparable to many larger motorhomes. You’ll want to take into account the average duration of your RV camping trips as well, since you’ll likely need more storage space and amenities for longer trips.

DO You prefer Slide-Outs?

Slide-outs can be a great way to create more living space for you and your family while you’re on the road. Travel trailers tend to range in the amount of slides available, which means there are many options to choose from—from the iconic Airstream trailer without any slides to a more roomy travel trailer with up to four slides. One thing to keep in mind is that some travel trailers with slide-outs are impenetrable while the slides are in, which means if you pull over to the side of the road and you need something from within the trailer, you might have trouble getting to it without activating the slides.

What type of trailer layout are you interested in?

Many RVers believe that the floor plan layout is even more important than the size of your trailer. Consider your specific needs, such as how many people you’d like to sleep and how much privacy they’ll need, whether or not you’ll be frequently preparing food in the kitchen, how much you’ll need to store inside the trailer, whether or not you’d prefer a separate bathroom for the shower, etc.

Do you have a brand preference?

Perhaps the most well-known brand of travel trailer is Airstream; however, Winnebago, Keystone RV, Forest River and many other RV brands also offer a large selection of travel trailers to choose from. At Lazydays RV, you’re sure to find a model regardless of where your brand loyalty lies.

Should You Buy A New or Used Travel Trailer?

Depending on your price range and RV needs, you’ll need to decide whether or not you’d like to purchase a new or used travel trailer. If you do decide to buy a pre-owned RV, keep in mind that previous owners might not always treat trailers with the attention they need. Be sure you’re purchasing from a dealership you trust and that you’re doing the proper research before buying, as warranties tend to vary based on age.

Can I Test Out an RV?

While most dealerships don’t allow extended trials of their inventory, renting a specific model can be a good way to get a better feel for your specific needs. At Lazydays, we have a variety of travel trailers for rent, including the 2017 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite and the 2017 Heartland North Trail, both of which are available in various sizes and floorplans.

Head over to a Lazydays RV dealership in Tampa, Florida; Tucson, Arizona or Denver, Loveland or Longmont, Colorado to find the perfect travel trailer for your RV travel needs and stay up-to-date on sales, RV tips and more by subscribing to our RV lifestyle blog. Happy travels!