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One of the most enticing aspects of RVing for many people is that they can customize the experience to be exactly what works best for them.

For some, the RV lifestyle means enjoying a great tailgate supporting their favorite sports team. For others, it means traveling year-round to incredible destinations. The same goes for a person’s choice of RV. With so many sizes, shapes, and types of RVs available, there is sure to be just the right one to fit your lifestyle. Advances in technology mean RVs are lighter, safer, more fuel-efficient and come with even more incredible features than ever before.

As we’ve previously mentioned, doing your research is the key to finding the RV of your dreams. A natural place to start your research phase is figuring out what type of RV is best for you. When considering your options, ask yourself one simple question, “do I want a big or small RV?” Easy as it may sound, answering this question should not be done before doing your due diligence. To help with that process, we’ve put together a handy guide to one-half of that question: smaller RVs. Whether you’re on the fence about what type of RV is right for you, looking to downsize, or want to learn more about the RV lifestyle, check out the perks of owning a small RV!

What Exactly Is a “Small RV”?

For beginners, most RVs may not seem very small compared to their car or another vehicle they own. For the purposes of this guide, we will look at RVs and motorhomes under 30 feet in length. Class B and C motorhomes, travel trailers, and pop-up campers. While Class C motorhomes and travel trailers can feature units over 30 feet, those under 30 feet may still be a consideration for new RVers or for anyone looking to downsize. If you are searching for a true small RV experience, one under 30 feet will fit the bill.

The Benefits of Small RVs

Whether it’s in a Class B motorhome or pop-up camper, traveling in a more compact RV combines the fun of traditional camping with the limitless adventure of a road trip. If that doesn’t get your mind going with RV trip ideas, there are quite a few other great perks when you buy a smaller RV.

1. Great Maneuverability

    Smaller RVs and motorhomes are incredibly drivable. Due to their size, the ease of becoming comfortable driving or towing these types RVs is pretty seamless. A Class B or Class C motorhome has the feel of operating a larger car or van, while drivers with towing experience will easily get the hang of towing a pop-up camper or small travel trailer.

    2. Super Convenient

      A compact size RV is fairly easy to handle on the road, but also offers a wide variety of places where you can travel. Just like a car, the smaller the RV, the smaller the space it can be set up. Class B motorhomes can park just about anywhere, from city streets to right on the shore of your favorite lake. Pop-up campers are built specifically for the outdoors and make for the perfect way to enjoy a few nights in nature.

      For part-time RVers, smaller models are easier to park and store at home. Many can fit comfortably in a driveway, may be kept in the backyard or are easily parked on the street. Make sure to check with your neighbors or city government about street parking regulations for RVs and motorhomes.

      3. Very Efficient 

        Compact size equates to not only easier driving and more parking options, but also less time and money spent on gas. RVs and motorhomes of all classes are made with lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic materials than ever before. This has significantly improved fuel efficiency across the industry, and this is especially evident with smaller RV classes.

        4. Comfortable and Cozy

          Smaller RVs offer a certain coziness that is second to none. Smaller towable RVs and motorhomes feature plenty of relaxation space, ranging from theater-style seating to booth dinettes. Motorized awnings are a very common feature on Class C motorhomes and some even feature an outdoor TV, turning the outside of your rig into a full-fledged patio.

          Pop-up campers maintain the coziness of traditional camping, but with a few added creature comforts like a kitchen and television. RVers looking for a true van-living experience will find that and more in a Class B motorhome. Many feature multi-function bedding that transforms from a sleeping area to a seating area. Newer models feature TVs, ample storage, multiple tables, and more.

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