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Proper maintenance and regular service for your RV is a tried and tested way for RVers to get the most out of the summer travel season and enjoy all the RV lifestyle offers.

Like owning a home or car, so long as you take care of your RV, it will take care of you. Heading into the peak RVing months of June and July, RVers will want to have their RV in top shape. At Lazydays RV, our expert service technicians take pride in providing outstanding RV maintenance work and customer service to RVers across the country. To help RVers get ready for their next RV adventure, we’ve put together this handy guide to our comprehensive service offerings and maintenance packages. Read on to learn more about great RV maintenance packages available at Lazydays RV!

The Importance of Early RV Season Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your RV, regular inspections and service are vital. At a minimum, RVers should have their home on wheels inspected and serviced at least once a year by an RV expert. Like you would with taking your car to a dealership every year, or servicing your household components, annual RV service helps to ensure essential systems are in good working order, that no issues are present and that any issues found do not turn into major problems. A few RV systems that should be serviced every year include your RV’s , batteries, rooftop AC unit, cooling system, and brakes. Other systems, like your RV’s slide outs and appliances (both interior and exterior), should be serviced every 3–4 months. Other services, like engine and generator oil and filter replacement, should be done on an as-needed basis, depending on how often you use your RV or at least once a year.

Beyond taking their RV in for regular service, RVers should regularly inspect key components of their RV. Top items include running your RV generator at least 10 minutes each month, monitoring and maintaining the fluid levels in wet-cell batteries, inspecting the rooftop and body sealant, and inspecting the appliance burn chambers, How often you do so is up to your discretion, but make sure to keep a consistent schedule. A month or so before your next trip is a popular time frame, as it gives you some time to take your RV in for any last-minute service. For more help with your RV inspection checklist, and some general maintenance ideas, check out our guide to 10 monthly maintenance tips for RVers.

Early Season RV Maintenance at Lazydays RV

Whether you’re about to hit the road for your first RV adventure of the season, or it’s time to take your RV in for its annual service, the certified technicians at Lazydays RV are here to help. We service all RV brands, and accept all RV insurance and extended service plans available. In addition to our service departments at each Lazydays RV location, we operate a stand-alone RV service facility in Houston, TX.

A few of our service packages that are perfect for preparing for RV camping season include:

Roof AC Service

For RVers who enjoy traveling to warmer climates, especially those who enjoy a boondocking trip to the desert, having a functioning roof AC unit is crucial. Lazydays RV offers a comprehensive roof AC service that will ensure you’re comfortable all day during your next RV trip. Our technicians visually inspect you’re AC unit to ensure the unit is in top shape. They then remove the AC unit and clean the coils, drains, and replace the AC gaskets and filters.

RV Appliance Service

Especially helpful if you spent the winter RVing, our RV appliance service ensures your interior and exterior appliances are ready for a summer of heavy use, and the propane systems that power them are properly functioning. Lazydays RV technicians inspect and clean your RV’s water heater, furnace, refrigerator, stove, and AC unit. Each appliance is checked to make sure it’s in working order and debris or build-up is removed.

RV Painting & Decal Service

Have your RV looking factory new with our RV painting and decal services! Whether you noticed a bit of wear and tear after a winter in storage or have a few paint chips, our RV paint artisans can help. Using a sophisticated paint matching system, our RV paint and decal shop can match the exact color of your RV and touch up any chips, areas damaged by the sun, or scratches. The Lazydays body shop is also your one-stop shop for collision repair.

RV Coolant Service

Your motorhome engine relies on the coolant system to run efficiently during long summer drives. Keep your engine running properly with our RV coolant service package. Lazydays RV service technicians visually inspect all components in your motorhome’s coolant system including hoses, clamps, radiator hoses, and heater hoses. Old coolant is then drained and replaced with new fluid to keep your motorhome engine running smoothly on the hottest summer days.

RV Installation Services

Have you been waiting to install a new Wi-Fi extender but want to make sure the job is done right? Lazydays RV can help with that too! Add quick install services to your next service visit! From a new mattress to back-up cameras, our technicians can do it all! Make sure to check out our bundled install specials, which provide great value.

Much, Much More!

At Lazydays RV, we take great pride in providing the best possible RV service experience for our customers. From intricate repairs to major interior remodels, our technicians are here to help you get the most out of the RV lifestyle. To learn more about Lazydays RV’s incredible selection of RV service packages, contact us today or schedule an appointment at a Lazydays dealership or service center near you!

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