By Lazydays

Summertime is here and your RV can use a little TLC in the summer months. Check out these maintenance tips from our experts!

Summertime is perfect for RVing. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and there’s plenty to see on the open road. But more time in your RV over the summer means that you need to pay special attention to your RV maintenance. We’re sharing our favorite summertime RV maintenance tips to help keep your adventures going!

RV Maintenance Tips for the Summer Months

While winter weather and storage require winterization of your RV, the summertime has its own maintenance steps that should be taken. When RVing this summer, be sure to regularly maintain your rig by following our summertime RV maintenance steps:

  • Inspect your RV’s sealants, such as those around the roof and the slide outs.
  • Perform regular RV air conditioner maintenance like you would a residential AC. This may include changing filters regularly.
  • Check your tires each time you set up camp and ensure tire pressure is at the right level. It’s also important to tighten lug nuts to keep the tires secure.
  • Check the generator and any batteries to ensure they’re at proper levels of charge or fuel.
  • Review the fluids throughout your rig and your engine if you’re driving a motorhome.
  • Inspect the awning to ensure it’s in good shape. After all, it will help keep things more comfortable on sunny days!

When performing routine summertime RV maintenance, make sure to keep the effects of heat in mind. Warmer weather might strain systems in your rig, so it’s important to monitor the engine, electrical components, and other sensitive systems to make sure everything is in working order. You can count on our team to assist with expert RV maintenance including summertime services. We also offer RV AC maintenance services to help keep things cool!