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Check out these popular routes that are perfect for sightseeing right from the RV!

There’s no shortage of RVing destinations to enjoy when you’re on the road, but for many happy campers, the journey is just as important as the destination. When you’re on the open road, every turn can bring beautiful sights and memories. This is why so many RVers love taking scenic drives in their RV. If you’re planning a scenic drive for your next RVing adventure, we invite you to explore some of our favorites.

Best Scenic Drives for RVs

There are many scenic drives to enjoy in every state, but it’s important to choose ones that are RV-friendly if you’re taking the drive in your rig. While some drives are great by car, they can be a different experience in a Class A diesel motorhome or even in a campervan. When taking a scenic drive in your RV, make sure you’re comfortable with the type of route you’re taking, the elevation changes, and any overhead bridges or structures you’ll encounter on the way.

With all of that in mind, here are some of our favorite scenic drives that include RV-friendly routes.

Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

Take a drive on the 113 mile stretch of roadway that extends from mainland Florida throughout the Florida Keys. This roadway offers picturesque views of sights from Key Largo to Key West, with unobstructed ocean vantage points. It’s a memorable drive that features must-see sights such as limestone structures, historic elements of the roadway, local communities, and sailboats in the crystal clear waters surrounding the highway.

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

While this one is technically a National Park, it’s centered around a paved roadway that’s punctuated by lookout points with parking lots. RVers can drive the scenic hour-long drive throughout the park, taking in beautiful vistas and natural phenomena. There are endless sights to see right from the RV and there are additional opportunities to stop at overlooks when visiting the park.

International Selkirk Loop, Idaho

This 280-mile scenic drive runs through the Selkirk Mountains and even crosses the border into Canada. For RVers looking to stay within the United States portion of the loop, there is plenty to enjoy! There are incredible sights of this Northern Rockies area that can be seen right from the RV as you’re driving the loop. This scenic drive is best explored in the summer months and there are plenty of opportunities for camping.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

This scenic drive extends 469 miles through beautiful mountains and Appalachian Highlands. There are sections of the route that are easier to drive than others, but much of it is easily passable by RV. It includes eight campgrounds and incredible trails, vistas, and views. Virtually any section of the parkway offers beautiful scenic sights that can be enjoyed right from the RV as you’re driving this memorable route. If you’re driving a larger RV, it is recommended to use pull-over areas when descending steep gradients and to check tunnel heights as well, more information on RVing along the Blue Ridge Parkway is available here.

Highway 163 in Monument Valley, Utah and Arizona

Monument Valley consists of incredible natural sights including iconic sandstone formations that are up to 1,000 feet tall. The park is typically visited for its trails and overlooks, but it is also visible from Highway 163 with picturesque views. Driving west on Highway 163 from Kayenta, AZ to Bluff, UT offers stunning views of Monument Valley right in front of the road. This makes it the perfect scenic RV drive!

Ocoee Scenic Byway, Tennessee

The 26-mile Ocoee Scenic Byway in Tennessee offers views of the Cherokee National Forest. It was the first designated National Forest Scenic Byway in the country and is still a popular drive for visitors who are looking to see Eastern Tennessee’s natural splendor. There are also multiple overlooks with RV-sized pull-offs.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Nevada’s famous state park is known for its pink and red-hued sandstone formations that are over 150 million years old. The formations are visible from the road, where there are beautiful visuals to enjoy at every turn. The park also offers RV camping, walking trails, and even petroglyphs on some of the rocks.

Route 100, Vermont

This scenic byway runs along the edge of the state’s famous Green Mountains. Stretching throughout much of the state, the Route 100 Byway in Vermont is famous for its incredible fall foliage that can be enjoyed every year. It also runs through many towns and stop-offs that are great to see. This road is your perfect RVing scenic drive!

Cascade Loop, Washington

Washington state is home to incredible mountain ranges that are perfect for exploring by RV. The Cascade Loop is a scenic drive that brings visitors through some of the state’s best features. The loop includes greenways in the North Cascades National Park, Puget Sound sights, fruit trees, and farmland in nearby valleys. There are also opportunities for RV camping throughout this scenic drive.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Stretching along much of California, the Pacific Coast Highway runs 656 miles through much of the state’s west coast. It touches point at many popular cities including San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Big Sur. Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway offers views of jagged rocks along the ocean, beautiful beaches, bustling boardwalks, and so much more.

Exploring Scenic Drives by RV

Whether you’re driving a Class C RV, a fifth wheel, or any other type of recreational vehicle, there are countless beautiful sights to see and enjoy! Make sure to follow all posted speed signs, notices, and cautions when driving along routes and byways that include elevation changes or sharp turns. For more RV lifestyle tips and advice, visit the Lazydays RV blog!