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Learn more about the newest features, designs, and luxury elements you can find in today’s RV bathrooms.

Each year, we’re excited to see the updates and innovations in RVs and motorhomes. RVers can choose from rigs with the best RV kitchens, spacious bedrooms, and entertainment-focused designs. While these innovations are often front and center, there are often updates in other areas of the RV as well, such as the bathroom. Today’s RV bathrooms are more feature-packed than ever before! We’re sharing some of the best RV bathroom designs available today, including RVs and motorhomes that are available in our wide selection of RVs for sale!

How Do Bathrooms Work in an RV?

RV bathrooms work similarly to traditional bathrooms. In most designs, there is a toilet using a gravity flush system that is connected to a black water tank that holds the waste from the toilet. In newer RVs, these toilets or commodes are often residential-style and made of porcelain. Often, they have a foot pedal for flushing. There is typically a freshwater connection in the RV bathroom that pushes flushing water into the toilet tank, along with water for the sink and shower. Dirty water from the RV toilet goes into the black water tank, while used sink and shower water typically go into a gray water tank.

For wet bath RVs, the setup is similar but more compact. The shower, toilet, and sink are all in one structure and utilize the freshwater supply. Then, the wastewater is collected in gray or black water tanks.

Best RV Bathroom Designs

Today’s RV bathrooms are more stylish and feature-packed than ever before. For example, there are RVs with large walk-in showers, bathtubs, and even dual sinks for a full bathroom suite. Check out these RV bathroom designs!

2022 Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45B

The Class A Diesel Entegra Coach Cornerstone continues to reinvent what it means to live the RV lifestyle. The motorhome’s bathroom designs combine features and luxury touches, with residential-style amenities at every turn. 2022’s model includes a fully outfitted rear bath complete with a luxury shower that includes a bench. It also includes a dual sink vanity and plenty of storage. There is also a half bath towards the front of the rig with a commode and a large sink area. As part of the motorhome’s luxury experience, there are top-tier materials throughout the bathroom.

2022 Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite

When it comes to campervan designs, these Class Bs usually rely on a wet bath setup. But many manufacturers are starting to innovate this part of the RVing experience with more spacious RV bathroom designs. Airstream’s 2022 Atlas features a rear bathroom suite that uses a three-piece design to create a residential-style setup. This includes a separate vanity, shower, and toilet rather than a wet bath. The RV bathroom also includes Kohler faucets, LED lighting, and a teak shower inlay.

2022 Grand Design Momentum 397TH

For RVers in search of a luxury towable with leading bathroom designs, the Grand Design Momentum is a popular choice. The 2022 397TH features not one but two great RV bathroom designs. There’s a smaller full bath accessed through the toy hauler section of the RV along with a full bath just outside the main bedroom. This full bath features a sunken tub shower combo, making it the perfect RV bathroom for families. It’s a modern take on the combination bathtub shower design, bringing a fully functional bathtub into the 5th wheel.

2021 Tiffin Motorhomes Zephyr 45 PZ

The Tiffin Zephyr is another Class A diesel motorhome that continues to offer impressive designs. The Zephyr 45 PZ is known for luxury designs and the elegant touches extend to the rig’s two bathrooms. The motorhome features a spacious spa-style bathroom with a tile-lined shower and backlighting throughout the entire bathroom. There is also a large vanity with storage, mirrors, and two complete sinks. The Zephyr uses luxury materials for both bathrooms and updated designs for the half bath that help maximize storage.

2022 Keystone RV Impact 330

Many RVers don’t want to compromise when it comes to their toy hauler towable, and the Keystone Impact brings designs that meet every need. While their full bath with a traditional shower tub combo isn’t revolutionary for RV bathrooms, it is impressive to pack this feature into a travel trailer toy hauler setup. With pressed countertops and elegant fixtures, this is a family-focused RV bathroom design that brings the best of style and function into one space.

2022 Dynamax DynaQuest XL 37RB

This impressive Class C motorhome brings a luxury-focused bathroom design. The RV bathroom is located at the back of the motorhome, making it a spacious and spa-like space. In the 2022 model, a solid surface shower also features a teak seat, skylight, and a luxury shower head. The bath also includes solid surface countertops, an under-mount sink, LED edge lighting, and a porcelain electronic-flush toilet. The full bath and half bath both feature the leading sink, countertop, lighting, and toilet designs.

Finding Your Dream RV

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