By Lazydays

Traveling by RV is a safe, fun, and easy way to see everything the country has to offer without having to sit on a cramped flight or worry about hotel room cleanliness.

Many families are ready to hit the road and see incredible sights, but they’re looking to keep safety in mind. Social distancing, long flights, and hotels are points of concern for many people who are planning a vacation during COVID. Luckily, there are tons of road trip ideas you can enjoy as a family without bringing COVID worries along. Traveling by RV is a safe, fun, and easy way to see everything the country has to offer without having to sit on a cramped flight or worry about hotel room cleanliness. So if you’re ready to enjoy a memorable family vacation that’s also COVID safe, we invite you to explore our tips for RVing destinations and vacation ideas during COVID.

What Makes RVing a Great Vacation During COVID

RVing is a great vacation, no matter the time of the year! For decades, families have enjoyed the freedom, fun, and flexibility of RVing. With the increase in COVID-19 regulations such as social distancing and stay at home orders, it’s easy to stay at home, stay distant, and go anywhere when your home is an RV!

For families looking to vacation during COVID affordably in addition to safely, RVing is a great option. This is because there are RVs available for every family and budget, from pop-up campers all the way to Class A diesel motorhomes, there are RVs to choose from at every price point. With your RV, your family is free to vacation during COVID safely and socially distant.

It’s also a breeze to find affordable spots to go when you’re RVing, such as national parks that will build lasting memories for the whole family. A day at some of America’s most impressive national parks may be low in cost, but it packs incredible fun. And when it’s time to wind down for the night, parking your RV at a campground is far more affordable than a night at a hotel, plus it’s more spacious!

RVing Vacation Ideas During COVID

If you’re ready for a vacation, your motorhome is the perfect option! We invite you and your family to enjoy RVing vacation ideas during COVID such as:

  • A beach drive for extra sunshine. If you’re in a colder state, head south and enjoy beautiful beaches in warmer climates. Some beaches allow RVs of certain sizes to park overnight which is an added bonus for families.
  • A national parks tour, which allows you to enjoy nature’s sights while staying outdoors and distant.
  • Stargazing campout. Leave the city behind and head into one of the nation’s dark sky sites for incredible stargazing. Dark sky sites are areas free of light pollution, allowing for an incredible view of all the stars in the sky right from your RV.
  • Visit your local wineries. Many states have their own wine countries with wineries that are perfect for a weekend getaway. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, visit an out-of-state winery for a unique experience.
  • Visit an area with tons of great hiking. America is an incredibly diverse country, and if you take a hiking-focused road trip, you can explore so many different landscapes and environments. Enjoy hiking in the desert, the forest, tropical climates, and more when you plan your COVID vacation around hiking destinations.
  • Hit the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding. This is a fun vacation for the whole family that is socially distant in nature, making it enjoyable for all!

With your RV, a little planning, and a spirit of adventure, there’s no limit on where to vacation during COVID! Before hitting the road, make sure to check the guidelines of your community and any communities you are visiting. Follow all precautions and remember to enjoy these memories you are making.

Social Distancing When RVing

There are many reasons vacation days have gone unused lately, and social distancing requirements are one reason families have postponed their travels. Even before COVID, the thought of sitting on an airplane brought anxiety to many. Luckily, RVing is the perfect socially distant vacation idea! If you’re enjoying an RVing vacation during COVID, you’re already checking a lot of the social distancing boxes. We are here to offer some additional tips for social distancing when RVing, such as while you’re at the campground or RV resort.

Tips for socially distant RVing:

  • When in doubt, mask up! Many communities have mask mandates for people in common areas, so it’s important to keep one on hand.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others when you’re in common areas around the park.
  • Focus on family time. Your family can safely enjoy a great vacation in the comfort of an RV, and many RV parks bring plenty of space between sites to allow for worry-free vacationing. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the outdoors at the campsite too, just stick with your family when doing so.
  • If you’re doing laundry in a shared space, consider washing your clothes during less busy times of the day.
  • Try boondocking if your RV is capable of it. This is a great way to enjoy incredibly socially-distant RVing and set up camp at some truly impressive locations.

Social distancing and RV travel go hand in hand. After all, your RV is your own personal space on wheels. It’s an easy way to vacation during COVID while staying home and staying socially distant. And with tons of RVs for sale both new and used, it’s more affordable than many other vacation options. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with the kids, RVing is the way to safely vacation. Ready to join in on the fun? Visit one of our RV dealership locations to start your adventure!