By Lazydays

There are plenty of options for overnight RV parking to support your summer travels. Learn more about where to camp!

There are many RV campground alternatives that can bring great views, activities, and plenty of adventure. So whether you’re heading out for an impromptu road trip today or you’re having trouble booking campgrounds for a future adventure, you still have options to enjoy with these alternatives for overnight RV parking. There are overnight RV parking solutions that can fit campervans, Class A diesel motorhomes, and more!

What to Know About Parking RVs Away from Campgrounds

Whenever you’re camping away from designated campgrounds, it’s important to research the rules and regulations of where you’ll be staying. While some 24-hour superstores are a common choice for quick RV parking, make sure to check the rules of wherever you’ll be staying to ensure overnight RV parking is permitted. Non-campground locations may also have rules regarding dumping, noise, and lights while you’re camping overnight.

Popular Overnight RV Parking Options

While campgrounds and RV resorts are popular destinations, sometimes campers wind up looking for other options on their journey. There are many opportunities for overnight RV parking in places besides campgrounds. Popular choices include:

  • Boondocking in areas such as national parks, beaches, or even parking lots.
  • Renting private land for camping through apps.
  • Parking at rest stops or national businesses that allow it.

When parking overnight at rest stops or businesses, it’s important to review signage and policies of the specific location you’re visiting. You should also check with the business manager and call ahead if possible to confirm availability for RV spaces.

Benefits of Alternative Overnight RV Parking

Sometimes, RVers camp in alternative overnight RV parking setups when they’re unable to find other solutions. But there are also instances where campers choose to set up away from campgrounds as a first pick. Dry camping at parks or beaches is an example of this, where RVers are able to wake up right in the middle of their favorite destinations. For those who are camping at businesses or superstores, there’s the convenience factor of having groceries and other supplies nearby for purchase.

Preparing for Free Overnight RV Parking

When you’re camping overnight away from the conveniences of a campground, it’s important to prepare. Many overnight spots won’t have any hookups or support for your RV, so even if you’re in a parking lot, you’re essentially dry camping. Make sure your RV generator is in working order and that your fresh water tank has plenty of water. Our RV accessories store is packed with the supplies you need to camp anywhere your travels take you!