By Lazydays

Are you a millennial thinking about the RV lifestyle? These 5 perks will have you convinced in no time!

(Image Source: ShoreLooksNice)

More and more millennials are skipping the mortgage and choosing to live full-time in an RV, and you could, too! Check out this list of the top five perks of living in an RV:

Adventures Anytime

The RV lifestyle means adventures anytime. Whether you’re into ATVing, surfing, hiking, spelunking, mountain climbing or any other type of outdoor adventure, having an RV means you can travel for the weekend or the month with everything you need at your fingertips. In fact, if you opt for a toy hauler, you can bring your toys with you everywhere you go, which means any trip can become an adventure.

The World is Your Office

As remote work becomes more and more popular, becoming a full-time RVer is easier than ever, especially for millennials in the tech industry. Join the growing community of digital nomads and skip the office life to work with a view you can choose yourself. Many full-time RVers have also had success with workamping, a lifestyle trend in which people live in their RVs full- or part-time, while traveling around the country and working seasonal jobs.

Stay In Touch With Family & friends across the country

Now more than ever, families and friends are spread out across the country. With an RV, you can visit anyone on the continent from the comfort of your home on wheels. Never miss another chance to spend the holidays with your family or a weekend with your friends, all without having to book a hotel room.

Hit Every Item on Your Travel Bucket List

We know how important travel is to many millennials, and full- and part-time RVing means you can explore the hidden treasures of this beautiful country at your own pace. After a year or two on the road, you’ll likely have to update your bucket list with even more exciting road trip destinations.

Hands-On Learning opportunities

Just because you’re raising a family doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of RV life. There are plenty of RV families who homeschool their children, taking advantage of hands-on learning opportunities while they travel. This unique learning style can be great for young kids who are just starting to grow their curiosity.

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