By Lazydays

These 5 tailgating tips will help you create the ultimate tailgater's menu this football season.

Planning on throwing an RV tailgate party this football season? Whether you’re going to make Philly Cheesesteaks for the Eagles, Buffalo Wings for the Bills or a Shrimp Po’ Boys for the Saints, these tips can help you plan the ultimate tailgater’s menu.

Tailgating Tip #1: Prep Some Food the Night Before

The point of a tailgate party is to enjoy yourself before the big game, so prepping ahead of time can help save you time and effort while you’re tailgating outside the stadium. Whenever possible, chop vegetables, prepare casseroles and bake your tailgating desserts the night before. That way, you can celebrate with the other football fans.

Tailgating Tip #2: Embrace Crockpot Tailgate Recipes

If you’re looking for tailgate food ideas, consider crockpot recipes. That way, you can cook and serve your food from the same container. Plus, the crockpot does all the cooking while you enjoy yourself. With a crockpot, you can prepare chili, pulled pork, taco meat and other delicious tailgating foods with minimal effort.

Tailgating Tip #3: Don’t Skimp on the Finger Foods

Finger foods are great for tailgating because people can eat them while standing around with friends. Kebabs, sandwiches, wings and snacks on skewers make great tailgating food and can keep messes to a minimum. Don’t be afraid to get innovative. Serve loaded tater tots on a skewer, mini tacos in tortilla cupcake shells, buffalo chicken celery sticks or other fun tailgating creations.

Tailgating Tip #4: Pay Attention to Food Safety

Your tailgating crew will appreciate you paying attention to tailgating food safety. Make sure you pack your meat correctly, cook it to the proper temperature and take advantage of your RV kitchen for refrigerating the leftovers. Storing condiments like mayonnaise in an ice bucket can also help keep tailgaters safe from foodborne illness.

Tailgating Tip #5: Plan an After-Party to Avoid Gameday Traffic

If you’ve ever tailgated at an NFL or college football game, you know how intense post-game traffic can be. Whenever possible, we recommend throwing a tailgate after-party to wait for the traffic to clear up. It’s the perfect time to serve tailgate desserts!

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